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Difficult to make a choice for your new Ceramic Fan Heater? We wrote this Special buying guide Ceramic Fan Heater to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Ceramic Fan Heater!

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Ceramic fan heater buying guide

When winter comes, auxiliary heating becomes essential for some households. The Ceramic Fan Heater is one of those devices that is popular with users who test it. Have you also been seduced by this device? Here is what you need to know to be able to make comparisons before buying, and especially to make the best choice.

What you should know about the ceramic fan heater

The Ceramic Fan Heater is a device which in fact resumes the basic operation of the classic fan heater. In other words, a body inside the radiator overheats through electric induction. In turn, fans are responsible for expelling this heat outside the radiator. The fan heater is therefore an electric heater.

In this case, the body in question is ceramic. In fact, the resistance that produces heat is trapped in ceramic. It is also said that it is a type of radiator which is dry inertia, since a good part of the heat produced is stored in the ceramic which is not a fluid body. Thus, it is possible that the room will still remain heated for a few moments after the appliance has been switched off.

Why buy a ceramic fan heater?

One of the first advantages of using a heater of this type is that it saves you the trouble of finding enough to light a fire in your fireplace all the time.This allows you to save some money on wood expenses.The wood produces smoke and charges the air with quite dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide.Tests show that an electric heater, on the other hand, does not produce any kind of gaseous emanation.It is therefore a plus for the preservation of your health and an ecological way of heating.We can also add that its installation does not require any special arrangement, unlike many other types of auxiliary heating available on the market.

The ceramic fan heater, for what use?

This type of heater is not intended for heating large rooms. It is also said about it that it is more suitable for bathrooms. Therefore, the larger the room to be heated, the less efficient the device. In addition, we can sometimes come across ceramic fan heaters equipped with a programming function. This makes it very easy to control the times when the appliance is on and off.

It is therefore possible to program the device to heat your apartment even before returning to it at the end of your working day. Likewise, some models are equipped with an automatic shut-off function. This activates when the device overheats. Also, depending on the model you have, the appliance can be used to heat or dry towels.

What are the advantages of this device?

Leaving aside the fact that the Ceramic Fan Heater is considered the best fixed inertia radiator, there are several other advantages associated with its use.

  • It's a device that, unlike many of its competitors, is rather quiet.
  • It takes very little time to heat up the space in which it is installed.
  • It is small, therefore easy to move.
  • Its energy consumption is relatively low and it can be controlled.
  • The heat produced by the device is dispersed evenly throughout the room
  • The heat stored in the core of the solid body (the ceramic) continues to heat the room minutes after the device is turned off.
  • The heat can be regulated with the thermostat.
  • The air is not at all dry, as is often the case with a convection heater.
  • It is a device with a fairly long lifespan.

How to choose your ceramic fan heater?

Here are some key points you should consider when choosing your Ceramic Fan Heater. Knowing each of these points will allow you to make yourself a comparison of the different brands and models that are available to you and to choose properly.

  • The power

The more power the device is able to generate, the more it is able to cover large areas. That said, it's your space that needs to be considered first. Do you plan to use it in the living room or in the shower, or in your bedroom?

  • The weight

 The weight of the appliance should also be taken into account because if you live alone in an apartment, you do not need to have multiple heaters. You should be able to easily move the one you have.

In addition, it is imperative that your radiator has a thermostat so that you can determine the heat level tolerable for you. In addition to this, automatic shutdown is a non-negotiable feature. Other functions such as programming are optional. This function is especially incorporated in high-end ceramic fan heaters.

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