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Mist Fan Buying Guide

Avez-vous déjà ressenti la légère brise qui soufflait sur vous lors d’un passage à proximité d’une cascade?? Fraîcheur est certainement le mot qui peut qualifier cet état. Même étant chez vous, vous pouvez rester au frais, car l’utilisation d’un ventilateur brumisateur vous permet d’avoir le même effet. Si vous n’avez pas encore eu l’occasion d’utiliser cet appareil, vous voulez sûrement en savoir plus. Cet article vous fait découvrir les résultats d’un test sur ce dispositif, sans oublier les avis sur ce ventilateur qui est disponible sur le marché. Vous découvrirez également un comparatif vous aidant à choisir le modèle qui répond vraiment à vos besoins pour supporter les journées de grandes chaleurs.

What is a misting fan?

The simplest definition that can be said about a misting fan is that it is a classic fan with an additional function. Indeed, it blows air accompanied by tiny water droplets. The role of air is to lower the temperature of the surrounding area where the device is installed. But, with the misting of the water, you get a little more freshness, which is ideal during periods of high heat such as hot days.

In other words, a misting fan produces mist by evaporating water from the air flow from the blades of the device. When water droplets evaporate into the air, they capture heat to cool down the temperature around you. And since the mist is so fine, you will hardly feel the humidity around you. But, you will find that your surroundings have cooled down considerably.

However, you should be aware that misting fans are not recommended in some areas. If you've never seen one, there's a good chance you live in a climate where it is not advisable and beneficial to use a misting fan.

Usually, you should only use a mist blower in an area with a hot, dry climate. But if the climate is hot and humid, it is useless. If you live in the French Riviera or one of the Maghreb countries, this air freshener provides humidity and cools the air. However, if you live on the Northwest Coast or outright in the North, the humidity can rise quickly, which could lead to health problems and mold growing in your home.

Misting fan: What is it for?

A fogger, in the form of a fan with blades or not, is a device dedicated to air conditioning. With a water tank with a capacity of up to 40 liters, this material can be used both inside and outside the house. Its use softens the temperature in summer and adds a more pleasant touch to your garden. The size and type of fan primarily depends on where it will be installed. In addition, misting fans can be fitted with a removable or integrated tank.

A multifunction device

On fait appel à un ventilateur brumisateur pour brasser l’air dans un espace clos ou ouvert. Son fonctionnement consiste à émettre des microgouttelettes d’eau dans l’air pour adoucir ce dernier. Avec une configuration sur pied, ce matériel vous permet de rafraîchir une grande pièce en oscillant. En modèle mural, il se fixe tout simplement sur un pan de mur pour ensuite émettre de l’air froid qui est supporté en simultané par une brise fraîche. Quelle que soit sa configuration, un ventilateur brumisateur est idéal pour rendre l’air ambiant plus agréable. Plus économique qu’un système de climatisation, la brumisation est aussi sollicitée pour neutraliser les nuisances olfactives.

The result after test is unequivocal

Indeed, this mist fan has been tested in a room of about 30 m2. In no time at all, the room was completely and quickly refreshed. Misting allows you to enjoy a feeling of freshness in the bedroom.

Quiet, this accessory knows how to show perfect discretion when put under maximum ventilation mode.

Should you buy a misting fan?

Practical, comfortable and elegant, the misting fan is the best investment to make in air conditioning. First choice cooler, this device remains above all the best of its competitors.

Among the most coveted auxiliary and cooling devices, the misting fan is particularly in demand because of its easy and complete operation, without consuming electrical energy. Best of all, it's a safe way for those who don't have enough budgets, but want to cool off when the heat is very hot.

The different types of misting fans?

Before purchasing a home fogger, it is important to ask yourself a few questions about which model to choose, the price to pay and where to install it. Each device corresponding to a specific use, it is essential to have a fairly precise idea of ??the different models of misters available on the market. Fixed or portable, this device is available in a price range to suit all budgets.

The portable fogger

Small enough to fit safely in a pocket or bag, the portable fogger is often used in cosmetics, but also for individual use. This model consists of a plastic body which at the same time serves as a fresh water reservoir. For safety reasons, the portable fogger also has two soft plastic propellers. It is supplied with a battery or batteries. For this model, the term "water projection" is used more than that of misting.

The standing fogger

Il s’agit ici d’un ventilateur nomade qui est doté de roulettes et que vous pouvez déplacer dans toutes les pièces de votre maison ou dans votre jardin. Certains ventilateurs brumisateurs sont spécialement conçus pour l’intérieur et d’autres uniquement pour l’extérieur. Avec cet appareil, vous pouvez rafraîchir une surface de 30 m² et baisser la température du lieu de 5 ° à 8 °C. La puissance de ce type d’appareil est associée à celle de son moteur. Pour une brumisation légère et une ventilation suffisante, ce matériel nécessite néanmoins une force minimale de 80 W. Dans sa configuration, le ventilateur brumisateur sur pied dispose d’un réservoir d’une capacité de 6 à 25 litres, situé à sa base. Il offre généralement une autonomie de 12 heures environ. La dispersion optimisée de la brume est favorisée par l’oscillation du ventilateur.

The wall fogger

The most efficient model, the wall misting fan is reserved for outdoor use. With a power of 180 W and more, this device can provide cooling for an area of ??up to 80 m². Its specificity lies in the fact that it does not have a tank, because its water supply is made directly via a direct connection to your water network. However, the device is usually equipped with a buffer tank that allows you to prevent damage to the device in the event of a water cut.

As this comparison proves, the misting fan is a formidable weapon against high heat. After a test of it, we realize that it is a device that allows you to cool a room such as a bedroom for example. If you like to stay cool in hot weather, it will be effective. In short, it is a practical device that has ended up winning the hearts of the French.

How to choose a misting fan?

Like choosing any other device, the best misting fan that you are going to select in this review should meet your needs. However, certain criteria must be taken into account. Here they are.

Volume of the installation area

The first point you should consider when choosing your mist fan is the area where you are going to install it. Will you use it in a bedroom, living room, on the terrace or under the pergola? These different places each have their own specificities. In addition, for indoor use, you need to take into account the volume of the room. If the power is below, you might not feel anything. If it is too high, all surfaces will be wet.

Construction materials

Mist fans are generally designed for outdoor use. They are handy for getting cool, humid air during a small barbecue or a small chat under a blue summer sky. And since they're not just for indoor use like a regular fan, there are several factors to consider: wind, rain, sun, and dust. Many large models, which are stationary, are made of metal for durability. Their downside is that they are heavy.

This is usually why people turn to models made of plastic or composite materials. They are lighter and easier to move if necessary. But, there are still some drawbacks. Plastic and composite materials are fragile. They also don't have the resistance of metal to sun and rain. Long exposure to direct sunlight followed by rain can affect the material.

Water source

A mist blower needs water to produce tiny water droplets. The source of it may be different from model to model.

On misting fans, there are two options, namely with or without tank. Models that have a water tank can be moved and used anywhere as long as there is water and an electrical outlet. However, the reservoir needs to be refilled regularly, which may be a small inconvenience depending on the user.

Models without a tank must be close to a water source (tap). It is also possible to use a hose that supplies the device with water if it is away from the water source. These misting fans are lighter and easier to move. In addition, as long as the water supply is constant, they can be used for long hours.

Other features to consider

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, there are other points on which you can base your choice of your misting fan. Indeed, some devices have features and properties that distinguish them from other models.

In order not to regret your purchase, it is recommended that you compare options such as fan speed, oscillation function, fogger power, and more. Below you are going to find a list of the features that should grab your attention.


Obviously, you will have noticed that all classic fans have this feature. It is useful when you are looking to cool the temperature of a large room. In addition, the oscillation of the fan allows for a more natural air flow. The principle is the same for misting fans. Thanks to this function, they disperse the mist evenly.

Pipe connection

This option only applies to tankless misting fans, as you need to connect the device to a water source. When choosing this type of mist blower, you need to check the type of hose connection. If the existing system is a standard connection, your garden hose may be sufficient to supply the appliance with water. And it won't make it difficult for you, either, if you have to move your misting fan.

Misting parameters

Some misting fans offer different levels of misting. You have the option of varying the amount of mist to disperse. It doesn't force you to think about the power of the device. With this function, you can adjust your misting fan according to the ambient temperature. Thus, you do not risk having excess humidity.

Fan speed

The majority of conventional fans have several fan speeds. This can vary from 1 to 5, with 1 being the weakest and 5 the most powerful. This is also the case for some misting fans. Besides the variable misting setting, you can adjust the fan rotation speed.

Dots security concerning the use of a misting fan

Many people claim that you only need to combine a fogger with a standard fan to have a misting fan in your home. This is a very bad idea, however, because misting fans are the result of extensive research into the combination of misting and ventilation.

Other than that, many misting fans have safety features that allow you to use these devices safely.

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