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Difficult to make a choice for your new Silent Mobile Air Conditioner? We wrote this Special buying guide Silent Mobile Air Conditioner to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Quiet Mobile Air Conditioner!

Our selection of silent mobile air conditioners

Quiet mobile air conditioner buying guide

In summer, it is important to have an air conditioner that can help you withstand the heat peaks. In the range of products available, the Silent Mobile Air Conditioner stands out as one of the most popular on the market. Several reasons can explain this fact. If you are in doubt as to its effectiveness and want to know a little more about it first, this guide should give you the elements you need to make a comparison or a test that may lead to the best choice.

What is a quiet portable air conditioner?

The Silent Mobile Air Conditioner is a compact device that has the same function as a conventional air conditioner. However, while the classic air conditioner will be wall mounted, the mobile version can be placed anywhere in the apartment. In other words, it is a piece of equipment that can be moved from one point of the apartment to another. It comes in two forms, there is the compact version and the split version.

The compact version is presented as a one-piece air conditioning unit with a flexible hose that is connected to an opening made in the wall or through a window or door to allow drainage. Both the compressor and the diffuser are inside the device.
In the case of a split air conditioner, the compressor is outside the block; in the installation it is outside the building, but remains linked to the rest of the air conditioner by the same flexible pipe.

The main characteristics of a quiet mobile air conditioner

The characteristics of a Silent Mobile Air Conditioner are truly diverse.It is important to have a clear idea of ??the different characteristics of this type of air conditioner in order to be able to do either a test before purchase or a comparison between several products.This diversification also depends on the brand and the range you choose.In terms of quietness, in general, an air conditioner is considered quiet when the level of noise emitted when it is in operation does not exceed 50 dB.However, some believe that this figure is rather subjective, and that for the silent character to be truly indisputable, the device must emit a noise between 30 and 40 dB at most.With the latest innovations, it is more and more common to find products on the market that are equipped with a "silent" mode.

As a backup heater, the Silent Mobile Air Conditioner may have, depending on the model and the range, several other types of functional characteristics. There is, for example, the fact that it can be used to purify the ambient air or to dehumidify the atmosphere.

For more comfort, there are air conditioners in this category that are equipped with a remote control in addition to a screen from which the control of the machine and the temperature is done with extreme ease. The connected air conditioner can also be one of the possible choices. It should also be noted that there are reversible models, that is to say, capable of producing heat. These are often more expensive.

Why buy a quiet mobile air conditioner?

There are many reasons why you should buy a Silent Mobile Air Conditioner. So here are a few.

  • From a financial point of view, it is a better investment than that of the conventional air conditioner. It is economical on energy consumption.
  • The comfort it offers from the point of view of its ergonomics and temperature is also a point to be made. There is no temperature loss, and even less thermal shock.
  • Only one Silent Mobile Air Conditioner may be enough for your whole apartment. This is possible as long as the device can be moved as desired.
  • His installation does not require work as in the case of a central heating system which will cost you even more.
  • Its silent character will will allow you to sleep peacefully overnight.

How to choose your silent mobile air conditioner?

Perhaps you are about to acquire it. If so, here's what to consider in order to make the best choice.

The size of the space to be conditioned

Where do you plan to install the device ? In your bedroom or in your living room? It’s especially the size of the space that you will need to consider here. Indeed, taking into account the size of the space will allow you to know the ideal power for your quiet mobile air conditioner. If the device is not powerful enough, it will be useless in a large enough space. Inform yourself properly about this before making a choice. To give you some details, below are the powers required in relation to the surface area you have available:

  • A 9,000 BTU or 2,500 watt mobile air conditioning system is equivalent to a 25 m² room.
  • A 12,000 BTU or 3,500 watt mobile air conditioning system will be ideal for a 35 m² room.
  • An 18,000 BTU or 5,200 watt air conditioner can be installed to air condition an area of ??more than 35 m².

You should also keep in mind that the power you should choose will also depend on certain other parameters. You need to think about the amount of sunlight in the room to be air-conditioned, its orientation, thermal insulation, ceiling height or the number of openings.

Sound level

In the purchase process, keep in mind that a Silent Mobile Air Conditioner will not actually bear its name if it produces more than 50 dB. Ideally, the level should not exceed 40 dB. Also ask for the "silent" function or the "sleep" mode. This kind of information can be found on the energy label of the model you plan to purchase. For information, be aware that a normal conversation between two people has a noise level of about 60 dB. You should also be aware that the split models are quieter due to the external location of the compressor.


If you plan to use it during the winter, then choose a reversible climate control. But do so without forgetting that energy consumption may increase slightly. This function allows your portable air conditioner to function as an air-to-air heat pump (PAC) and thermodynamic heater. In other words, you will have the advantage of benefiting from cooling during periods of high heat and from additional heating during winter periods.

Energy consumption

For more efficiency, and depending on the space you want to cool, the device may use more energy. It is therefore particularly important that you focus on this point during the purchase. It would be a shame if you ended up with a portable air conditioner that consumes more than necessary. In this context, refer to the energetic performance the model you plan to buy on its energy efficiency label. These performances are rated from A to G, with the class A which means that the performance of the device means that it does not consume much in terms of power consumption. Think about it, as this will have a major impact on your monthly end-of-month electricity bill.

The COP or the coefficient of performance

This is a choice criterion that should not be overlooked since it is the ratio between the cooling performance of the device and its energy consumption. Without going into too much detail of tedious calculations, know that the higher the COP or coefficient of performance, the more efficient your mobile air conditioner will be.

Other additional criteria

Be aware that there are other great options that you may wish to have in order to benefit from the best quiet air conditioner.

Ionizer mode

Ionization is a function that allows your mobile split or monobloc air conditioning to actively contribute to the air purification in your home. More specifically, to optimize air quality, the device will generate negatively charged ions. These will capture the positively charged ions that are mainly found in dust or cigarette smoke, for example. Caught by the negative ions, the impurities will therefore be heavier, which will force them to land on the ground.

Dehumidification functionality

If you plan to invest in a model equipped with a dehumidifier, be aware that this function will dehumidify the ambient air in addition to air conditioning your home. This is an option expressed in liters / hour and can be used without the air conditioning function depending on the model. Dehumidification is often only available with mid-range and high-end quiet portable air conditioners.

The integrated thermostat

If you opt for a mobile air conditioning unit with a built-in thermostat, you will be able to program it to turn off automatically. This function is performed when a temperature that you have previously defined is reached. In addition to saving energy, the thermostat will help prevent premature wear and tear on your portable air conditioner due to uninterrupted operation. Some models will even allow you to set an automatic restart once a temperature threshold is reached.

The timer

The timer, on the other hand, will give you the ability to program a range of operating times for your portable air conditioning. When this has elapsed, the device will turn itself off without your having to intervene.

Additional filters

Note that depending on the model, additional filters may be fitted to silent mobile air conditioning. Mention may in particular be made of the activated carbon filter and the electrostatic filter. These will work in order to provide healthier air in your home. The activated carbon will eliminate bad odors and the electrostatic filter will reduce the diffusion of bacteria or dust in the air.

The remote control

As its name suggests, the remote will allow you to set, program, turn off and turn on your device remotely.
During your choice, do not neglect the weight of the device you want to buy, especially if you plan to move it quite often. As much as possible, bet on the lightest possible model.

What about the maintenance of the silent portable air conditioner?

Now that you have all the keys to making the right choice, you should know how to properly maintain your device. In order for the device to function properly and last over time, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance. Indeed, any failure could lead to overconsumption of energy or permanent damage to the heater. Also, be aware that in some cases, and depending on the model, maintenance is mandatory.

When to maintain and how often is required?

You will know when to start servicing your air conditioner by referring to the recommendations in the instructions for use of the device. Indeed, each model will have its own specificity and you will have to follow the instructions that the manufacturer will provide you. As part of this, some manufacturers equip their air conditioners with an indicator when the filters need to be cleaned.
Generally, however, filters should be cleaned after two to three weeks of use. Air-purifying filters should be cleaned at least every three months. Those that remove bad odors should be cleaned every two to three years of use. Be aware that your maintenance will be limited to cleaning the filters and dusting the device. More complex interventions will only be reserved for professionals.

How to clean the filters?

Usually there will not be too much difference in the method of cleaning the filters. However, it is wiser to refer to the manual for the device before starting anything. Without going into too much detail, here are some steps to perform:

  • Turn off your device;
  • Open the filter compartment and remove dust after removing them from their location;
  • Run soapy water over your filters with a sponge, for example;
  • Rinse, then dry them in the sun;
  • Replace the filters of the device;
  • If you have opted for a split mobile air conditioner, be sure to remove any debris that may hinder the proper functioning of the outdoor unit;
  • In case it seems necessary, use a damp cloth for a thorough cleaning.

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