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Difficult to make a choice for your new Fan Heater? We wrote this Special Fan Heater buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Fan Heater!

Our selection of fan heaters

Fan heater buying guide

The central heating of a house is often insufficient during cold peaks or when it is necessary to heat a fully tiled bathroom. The use of an auxiliary heater like the Fan heater is a reliable and efficient solution. Our guide includes buying recommendations and a comparison of different models of fan heaters.

How the fan heater works

To put it simply, the fan heater works by sucking in ambient air, heating it with an electrical resistance and then distributing it throughout the room using a fan. For find the best fan heater market, we carried out tests.

The fan heater is a choice that we recommend to achieve the desired temperature instantly. The action of this prototype is immediate and allows the room to be disposed of within minutes, unlike inertia, infrared or halogen radiators which take longer to diffuse heat.

This type of radiator is also easier to handle, especially when it comes to temperature regulation. It is indeed less complicated to adjust the temperature on this model than on a radiant version for example.

The technical characteristics of the different models of fan heaters

The compact fan heater

Since this is a auxiliary heating, their dimensions are generally smaller than conventional radiators. They are not very bulky and can be placed on a piece of furniture or a console. Despite the presence of a ventilation system, fan heaters are in principle very light and therefore very mobile. They can be easily moved from room to room.

The reversible fan heater

This is another technology that can be found in modern fan heaters. The reversible fan diffuses cold air in summer and warm air in winter. As the mobile fan heater is designed to be perfectly transportable, for example it can cool the bedroom during heat waves or heat the bathroom in winter. 

The silent fan heater

As a rule, a conventional radiator does not make noise. But in the case of the fan heater which is a heating system coupled to a fan, the sound level may rise and become annoying. As its use is occasional and it never works full time with some exceptions, a sound of 60 to 70 dB remains acceptable. Otherwise, there is a lab-tested feature that allows you to switch to silent mode on some devices.

The powerful fan heater

For a room of 5 to 9 m², a power of 2500W is very promising. The energy efficiency test can be interesting to really estimate the impact on the heating budget. In our comparison, you will find that it is possible to find prototypes with higher power ranging from 1200W to 3000W, thus creating small high performance electrical devices.

The ceramic fan heater

Although no notable changes have been reported technically, this improved version still features better heating performance. Thermal comfort is express thanks to the material's ability to capture and release heat.

The selection criteria for a fan heater

The thermostat and the timer

The thermostat is almost essential on recent models, as it is an adjustment device that allows you to obtain the desired temperature in each room where the appliance is installed. The presence of the timer is optional, but it is very often offered as an option on new models. It automatically turns off the heater after a specified time.

Engine power

The fan heater should be used to heat small spaces such as the bathroom. However, once on the shelves or taking a look at our comparison, you will find that it is possible to find more powerful radiators. If you are the type who favors potency then these are perfect for you and for everyday use all year round.


It is recommended to purchase a fan heater model with a safety system that automatically cuts off the power supply in the event of the motor overheating. The ergonomic design of current models features a waterproof protection protecting the entire device from splashing water, dust and splashes. Do not hesitate to opt for the models with integrated thermal limiter in order to block the maximum and minimum temperatures. This protects you against handling errors which can be costly.


Even if this is only a device used occasionally in rooms with little exposure to visitors, the aesthetics should not be neglected. The choice is vast in terms of shapes and colors, but it all depends solely on the user's personal taste. 

The command

Today, you can change the settings of your fan heater on a control panel or touch display screen.

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