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Difficult to make a choice for your new Binding Machine? We wrote this special bookbinding guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Binding Machine!

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Binding machine buying guide

If you often handle a lot of documents and want to tidy them up, the binder is the tool for you. This binding machine will make your files of all kinds easier to consult and manage. However, to get a binding that meets your needs, you must choose from the many models of binding machines that are available on the market. To do this, make a comparison and analyze the various purchase criteria for the binding machine: frequency of use, paper size, number of sheets, ergonomics, etc. In this file, you will find all the information you need to make the best choice of binding machine.

The definition and utility of a binder

The binding machine or binding machine is a device that allows several sheets of paper to be gathered into a single, more compact and easier to handle book. The documents thus bound form a much more ordered whole, for a more comfortable consultation. The binding machine is especially essential in the professional field for office automation, but also in the field of publishing, and also more and more in the personal area.

The advantages of a binding machine

There are several advantages to using the binding machine that should be known before you think about buying one.

Better conservation of your documents

Thanks to the binding machine, your documents are more secure. Indeed, the sheets of paper will no longer be scattered because the binding allows them to be grouped in a logical and orderly way. This will help you avoid losing some or all of your writing.

Support for all document formats

A binder allows you to bind different formats of documents, whether it is A4 format which is the most famous, or A6 format, A5 format, A3 format and other different possible formats. You will be able to regroup all your documents without exception for a better organization of your papers.

Great ease of use

The binding machine is easy to use. Of course, how the device is used varies from one model to another, but generally speaking, it is accessible to everyone. Just put the sheets of paper in the right order and bind them according to how the device works and you're good to go. In addition, to help, the options now available on recent models allow an even easier handling.

Use in several areas

The binding machine is not only reserved for professional use in office automation.Granted, this is probably where the device is most likely to be used the most, however, you can also purchase a binding machine for home use.You will be able to guarantee the classification and the secure safeguard of your personal documents such as invoices, leases, bulletins of your children, etc.You will also find a binder in the student or school field for the constitution of various educational writings.If you are a writer, the binder is essential to collect your works.In short, the binding machine can be used in many areas, everywhere.

The different types of binders

Depending on your needs, you will find three main types of binding machines on the market:

Professional binders

Invest in a model of professional binding machine is essential if you often have to bind a large volume of documents. Professional binders are indeed more robust and efficient. They are able to handle several types of bindings at the same time by being equipped with interchangeable punching tools. You will thus be able to meet several binding expectations by opting for this type of machine.

Standard binders

Standard binding machines are dedicated to daily use to process a small volume of documents. If you choose this type of binding machine, first define the type of binding you want to achieve as the hole punch tools are generally not interchangeable. However, you will find some references that are multifunctional or equipped with accessories for a greater variety of binding methods.

Secure binders

There are also models of binders that do not offer the ability to change the binding order of your documents. These are the secure models which offer definitive sealing solutions.

The different binding techniques

You should also be aware of the different binding techniques to be able to make the best choice of binding machine. They are numerous and depend on your needs, as well as the types of documents you want to bind on a daily basis.

Mechanical binding

Mechanical binding is the binding method which includes the mechanical perforation of sheets of paper in order to assemble them. The binder is then equipped with metal punches to hole the documents. Note that you can choose from different sizes of perforations:

  • For comb binding using plastic rings, 21 rectangular holes are required.
  • For comb binding with 3: 1 metal rings, 34 square holes are required.
  • For the Click comb binding, 34 round holes are made.
  • It takes 23 square holes to make a comb binding using 2: 1 metal rings.
  • Finally, 49 or 59 round holes are needed if you are making a helical spiral binding.

There are different types of machines with punching tools suitable for each type of mechanical binding on the trade. Some punch binders are dedicated to only one type of punch while others are multi-purpose. You will also find machines with separate perforation and binding functions. Depending on the type of perforation, you will then find different types of mechanical binding method:

  • Plastic binding, and in particular the binding using 21-hole plastic ring combs, is the most popular mechanical binding method. It is simple to make and offers good value for money. With this binding technique, you must choose a plastic ring puncher or a multifunction model to hole the documents before assembling them using rods or plastic ring combs of varying diameters depending on the volume of paper to be assembled.
  • Metal binding has the same assembly principle as plastic binding with the difference in the number and shape of the holes. Also, note that with metal binding, the binding is closed using a pressure comb. The 34-hole model is the most widely used metal binding. You should know that this binding method is reliable, robust but above all presentable. You will adapt the diameter of the rings according to the thickness of the book to be bound.
  • Spiral Coil Binding has the same operating principle as other mechanical binding methods: the machine first perforates the documents and then a plastic or metal helical spiral is inserted to bring everything together. The advantage of spirals is that they are flexible and allow easy installation. In addition, the Spiral Coil binding provides a modern look, not to mention the fact that it provides protection for bound documents. This binding method is especially recommended for school records.

Thermal binding

Thermal binding or thermo-binding system consists of gluing documents together instead of perforating them. This is a hot glue system in folders with a pre-glued cardboard back. The pasted documents take on the appearance of a book with a soft cover. The rendering of the thermal binding gives an ultra professional rendering. This technique is especially recommended for public accounting firms to link year-end balance sheets.

The principle of operation of hot binding is simple. Just line up the sheets of paper in a logical way, then insert them into the pre-glued folder. Then place the folder in the thermal binder at the temperature recommended for the device. When the files are assembled, you must wait a few seconds to let the glue cool before handling your document. Note that if you opt for thermal binding, your document cannot open flat. In addition, you will no longer be able to change the storage order of your bound sheets with this technique because the sealing is final.

The criteria for buying a binding machine

To choose the best binder on the market, you must first define your own needs. The variety of models that exist on the market makes the choice difficult; however, when you have precise expectations of the binding machine, you shouldn't have to struggle to find the perfect benchmark for you. Considering the different purchasing criteria beforehand will also be of great help.

Frequency of use

For frequent use of your binding machine, you must absolutely choose a professional model. The latter is more robust and will be able to satisfy your request without problem. On the other hand, when the binding machine will only serve you occasionally, adopt a model from the standard range which will do very well.

The paper size

A4 is the most widely used format for binding papers, which is why most bookbinders support this format. However, when you go for larger paper sizes like A3, or smaller ones like A5 or A6, consider checking that the binding machine you are about to buy is capable of supporting them.

The number of sheets of paper

Before buying your binding machine, also think about how many sheets of paper you will often have to put together. The model for which you are going to choose must then be able to link this number of pages.

The dimensions

If you want to use your binding machine in your workplace or at home, you still need to think about its location, ensuring that your binding machine has the correct dimensions for your office or home. If you have to move your binder often, prefer compact and light models.

Manual or electronic?

With a manual binder, it's up to you to operate the crank for each step of the binding process. It obviously takes longer, but this kind of model adapts to all budgets, even the tightest. In addition, there are the electronic models which are more sophisticated and faster as well. For home use for occasional binding, a manual binder is suitable. On the other hand, when you have to bind a large volume of files on a regular basis, an electronic binding machine is more suitable.


Ergonomics is an important criterion of choice to allow a good handling of your binder. Consider buying a reference that is easier to handle and yet offers an excellent rendering. The easiest models to use are those that offer thermal binding. However, there are many models of punchbinders whose manipulation is within everyone's reach. Before buying, consider performing a product test to check if the grip is ideal.

Additional options

Some models of binding machine offer additional functions which make it easier to use and which may thus influence your choice.

To facilitate handling of the binding machine, some models offer an optional adjustable jogging stop so that your binding is perfect. You can then correct the alignment of the edges of the sheets of paper to be bound. This option is especially essential when you have to collate a large number of pages.

Other binders come with an accessory kit to make your work as comfortable as possible. For example, you will find many kinds of plastic rings, metal rings, rods, spirals, blankets, etc.

Alternatively, the multi-function binding models allow you to take advantage of multiple binding tools if you have varied binding needs.

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