Top 10 Best Cam Swing Gate Motorization 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Portail Battant Came motorization? We wrote this special purchasing guide Motorization Gate Swing Cam to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Swing Gate Cam Motorization!

Our selection of swing gate cam motorization

Cam swing gate motorization buying guide

You have a swing gate and you would like to equip it with a good motorization system. Or you are about to install a new swing gate with the intention of immediately adding a motorization system. In both cases, you are in the right place in our comparison because it will allow you to find the best system which is adapted to your opening. Practicality, solidity and design are some of the criteria that will come together if you choose the Came swing gate motor. Already heard but vaguely enough, find out the details of this system in order to make a better buy.

Gate motorization: a system that is always there

Imagine getting out of your car, finding yourself in the rain or the wind every time you walk in or out of your home. Worse still, you have trouble opening your leaves, especially when it comes to a swing gate. That inconvenience which, moreover, is daily. How about having automatic opening at your disposal thanks to a motorization system? With this system, the use of the portal becomes simple, fast and even spontaneous with efficient and secure control.

With this in mind, Came offers you various automations so that you can choose the system suited to your swing gate. Depending on your requirements as well as the configuration of your swing gate, you will then choose the appropriate motorization.

The advantages of the Came swing gate motorization

Came invites you to install a geared motor system that allows you to automate your swing gate without requiring major structural modifications. Came engines are equipped with innovative and above all intelligent techniques to simplify your daily life by offering you comfortable, discreet and fast use. At the same time, you have the opportunity to control your entire system.

In addition, Came products are prepared for optimal use in high traffic areas as well as collective surfaces. If you need a system with constant operation, you can very well choose Came which guarantees continuous use even in the event of a power failure. In other words, the Came swing gate motorization can be effectively disengaged.

Furthermore, this system has been designed according to the required European configuration standards. You don't have to worry about this since Came products are reliable and well certified. You will find the words "En Tested" which guarantees reliable testing of Came engines.

Finally, since it is an engine, ease of use is necessary. The Came engine offers different models with radio controls and other interesting accessories to make your use as safe and as easy as possible.

Last advantage not to be overlooked is the design offered by this system. It does not take up much space and can easily be adapted to the aesthetics of your swing gate, whatever it is.

The choice of a swing gate motor

As a reminder, the swing gate can be provided with one or two leaves with an opening generally inward. For this, you must then have sufficient surface area so that the flapping of the leaves is not disturbed and that the latter themselves do not encroach on your garden, your flowers or your plantations. In the case of a new swing gate, you can choose the underground gear motor which offers virtually absolute discretion.

The best way to choose the swing gate motorization signed Came remains knowing the weight and dimensions of your opening. At the same time, you must consider the possible presence of pillars or walls that may reduce the area where the leaves can move.

Your choice is then made according to your requirements and preferences.If you need a discreet and inconspicuous opening, you need a buried automation.If it is a question of equipping your old swing gate with an automation, you can opt for Came's hybrid solution.In addition, if you have limited space, you can always choose a linear external motor with a refined gear motor.If, on the other hand, your gate is large or has pillars, you need an external automatic mechanism with articulated arms.If the pillar is narrow, there is always the automatic reduced and pedestrian passage with small leaves.Finally, for a wrought iron swing gate, Came invites you to choose a steel gear motor.

You will then find that Came provides you with different products that can be similar to your swing gate, whatever its type and whatever surface area you have. All you have to do is test the motor and choose the one that is perfectly suited to your swing gate. Either way, we invite you in our comparison to choose Came, a recognized and reliable brand for gate automation, whether swing or sliding.


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