Why use a CMS to make your website?

Why use a CMS to make your website

Behind the three initials CMS are hidden the English words for Content Management System which means "content management system". Concretely, a CMS is a computer program facilitating the creation of a website. The user can thus benefit from a wide choice of pre-established graphics which he can then customize. Almost the majority of people wishing to have their own website have no knowledge of internet coding. They will therefore have to either turn to a CMS or choose a service provider who will use one himself. What are the other advantages of this system and its disadvantages?

The advantages of using a CMS

This software has been around since the early 2000s and the best known are Drupal and WordPress for showcase sites or blogs as well as Prestashop or Magento for e-commerce sites. You have also certainly heard of Wix, Joomla.

These are so-called "open source" CMS, that is to say free and from which additional features and graphic themes are developed. The first advantage of using a CMS is therefore its free or low cost.

It is also a considerable time saver since CMS all offer graphic universes already ready for use, adapted to the theme of the future website according to the activity concerned by the need to create a website.

The use of a CMS does not, in principle, require to have advanced computer knowledge not only for putting the site online but also for subsequently managing its content and updates. It will therefore normally be very easy for its user to keep its website alive and evolve by regularly adding editorial or visual content.

Finally, the site's referencing with search engines will be facilitated by the many plugins, free or paid, offered by the various CMS currently on the market.

Be careful though!

Like any product designed for the greatest number, the CMS knows its limits and in reality its user will often have to turn to a professional website designer.

The limits to the use of a CMS and the need to turn to a professional

The use of a CMS is perfect for those who want to quickly get a basic website and for whom the customization of the graphic themes offered is of little importance.

On the other hand, if you need a tailor-made site with a design that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, the use of a professional will quickly become essential such as the use of a Drupal web agency in Paris.  

By doing things by yourself, you risk being confronted with a "crash" of your system during an update because you are not immune to improper handling without paying attention. . So remember to make regular backups and if you are afraid of forgetting, entrusting the management of your site to a CMS professional is the solution to have peace of mind.

To choose the right contact person, study the different CMS for yourself by reading feedback on forums or specialized sites. Look at the different template already present on CMS offers and above all call on a professional to identify your immediate and longer-term needs.