Why rent a private plane?


As there are lovers of the sea, there are also lovers of the air for whom seeing the world from the sky is a sensation like no other and a way to forget all the worries of everyday life. Some will go so far as to make it their profession, and for those who have not succeeded or will not have wanted to, there is always the solution of tourist aviation. An expensive leisure activity requiring demanding training with regular aptitude checks, it is not within everyone's reach. Here is why it is interesting to rent a private plane.

Choose plane rental as a pilot

The dream of every pilot is obviously to become the owner of his own plane in order to practice his favorite hobby at all times. However, this is a significant investment which then requires expensive maintenance and requires living near an airfield if you really want to take advantage of it. If one of these elements is not possible, then there is the solution of the tourist plane rental.

With 460 aerodromes in mainland France, the country has the highest density in Europe for this type of installation. It is therefore easy for an amateur pilot to practice this activity during his holidays almost everywhere he is in the national territory.

Renting a private plane is also required to complete the mandatory hours in order to maintain the validity of one's qualifications. It is also the opportunity to learn or become familiar with other types of devices and to discover different piloting sensations.

The amateur pilot can also use this mode of transport for professional purposes for a trip of a few hours in areas poorly served by train and not served by commercial flights. Saving time is for some the major argument justifying the use of a private plane for professional travel.

Choose the plane rental as a passenger

If you do not have any qualification to fly a private plane yourself, it is still possible to rent an aircraft with its pilot. So operating on the same principle as renting a car with a driver, you won't need to worry about anything. However, a minimum of organization remains necessary so that the airline company files its flight plan, reserves an aircraft and refueling it.

This type of rental is possible both to discover the beauties of a region and to facilitate a business trip. It’s also a great gift idea to give for a special occasion. A flight, a first flight or an overflight of an exceptional site such as Mont Saint-Michel, Mont-Blanc or, for example, the Breton coast is always an original gift that leaves an impression.

The magic of private plane travel always operates and will pleasantly surprise the person to whom you propose it. It is also an opportunity to instill a passion among the youngest since it is possible in France to spend pilot's license from the age of 15, with the initiation certificate which can be obtained from 13 years old.