Why consider a real estate investment in Mauritius?

Moving to Mauritius is the dream of many people, but this new life cannot be realized without a solid housing project. The laws are not necessarily the same as those in mainland France, which is why using a real estate agency can be useful. An agency located on site will be of great help if you wish invest in a real estate project in Mauritius.

Taxation that is advantageous

When you become the owner of real estate in Mauritius, you fall under the yoke of the law of the island.As regards the capital gain realized on real estate, it will not be taxable as is the case in France.A real advantage when we know that in metropolitan France, the tax in this direction is between 19 and 35% of the realized capital gain.Investing in Mauritius is therefore ideal for those who wish to live in a heavenly place while protecting their savings.Mauritius is not a tax haven, it is not illegal to invest on the island because an agreement with France has existed since 2011.The latter is also older since agreements had been signed between the governments of France and Mauritius in order to fight against double taxation which could lead citizens to seek a tax haven in 1980.
In the event of the resale of a property, the only tax that will be effective is up to 5% of the resale price. In any case, this remains less than what is required of you in mainland France.

Regarding the French wealth tax as understood by French law, it is not applicable on property located in Mauritius, again, you will come out a winner from a real estate investment on this island.

A simplified succession

In the event of death, if you are resident of Mauritius and your heirs too, there will be no need to pay inheritance tax. It is indeed a tax that does not exist on the island. However, if your heirs are residents of France, French law will be applied. This will be explained to you in detail by the real estate agency to which you will present your project because some subtleties remain. This argument is preponderant for many investors who see Mauritius as a destination of choice for protecting the heritage of their children and close family.

Supported and successful projects

Real estate professionals present on the island such as the agency Diamond.Mu will accompany you in all your projects, whether it is to obtain diagnostics or even building permits if you want to expand your home for example.
If, once you own a property, you wish to offer it for rent, this project will be supervised by a professional from an agency recognized by the state. Note also that the income that will be generated will only be taxed up to 15%, in accordance with the agreement between France and Mauritius.