Why choose a free-standing bathtub?

free-standing bathtub

Finding the perfect bathtub is possible! Much will depend on how much space you have in your bathroom. When deciding on the size, you will need to weigh the quality standards and materials you want, keeping in mind that it should also fit your budget.

On the other hand, you can not forget the style of the bathtub because it will be a fundamental part of the decoration of your bathroom. It is therefore also important to consider the characteristics of the shape and design of a bathtub first and foremost buying new house.

To help you with your decision, here are some basic tips for choosing your ideal tub.

Size and location

You must first determine the exact dimensions of the space where you will place the tub and then assess the types of installations that could be done in that area. Measure the area carefully and take into account the shape and size of the bathtub you want, both in width and length, whether the ends are square or rather round or oval and even if it is a bathtub with legs or a modern bathtub whose base rests directly on the floor.

The style

Finally, there is the design and style. Bathtubs alone are pieces with a unique personality that will perfectly complement any decor you choose, but there is also the comeback of free-standing bathtubs.

Freestanding bathtubs are back in fashion

With a very special and original charm, freestanding bathtubs are able to completely change the style of a bathroom. If decoration enthusiasts appreciate them, it is because they have above all a romantic and retro air. This type of tub goes very well with different decorating styles and can be adapted to a modern interior such as a more traditional or classic style home.

It is a chic and delicate object to decorate the bathroom. The freestanding bathtub comes in all kinds of colors and is made with different materials to suit all tastes. It is available in striped or metallic finish depending on the trend of the moment.

On the other hand, the free-standing bathtub can be bought as is or to be assembled at home, provided you have some DIY skills. In fact, there are bathtub feet on the market, in acrylic or cast iron, which can be screwed to the bathtub. This system is good for those who love customizing decorative items.

Some tips for the feet in the bathtub

It’s not enough to buy a tub with legs to create an original bathroom. The question is how to improve it. If you opt for a model with original curves, or exclusive colors, the ideal is to place it in the middle of the bathroom. It will then be time to determine the rest of the decoration of the bathroom, but always starting from the bathtub, without forgetting to place a small table near the bathtub to store cosmetics and other objects for the bath and personal hygiene.

For convenience, you can choose to place the freestanding tub close to the wall or in a corner of the bathroom. In fact, it's the best alternative when you have a bathroom that has a straight side. In this case, it will be easier to install a shower curtain if you really cannot do without it, although it is not the most recommendable thing to do because it takes away all the charm of this traditional model and original.