What is the principle of the Pinel law in Lille?

Investing in new housing or even renting a house or even a new apartment has for a long time been a privilege reserved for a part of the population, more affluent than the average. Indeed, especially in large cities like Lille, the price of real estate tends to skyrocket, which explains why it is complicated to buy, especially when the contributions are lower (in the event that a loan is necessary) . To address this major problem, the government created the Pinel law, which offers middle-income households to invest in stone, which is one of the most attractive investments.

However, tall new housing is not affected by the Pinel law in Lille, just as not all households are eligible for this program, which is why it is important to inquire beforehand about the criteria to be met.

Capped income

Not all households can rent an agreed property, they must indeed justify income limited to a certain amount. As we will see below, rents are capped so that households without very high incomes can benefit from pleasant, new, modern and healthy housing. Depending on the composition of the household and the geographical area in which the accommodation is located, the amount of income not to be exceeded will not be the same.

Rent that must not exceed a certain amount

To benefit from the partial tax exemption, the owner of the property approved by the Pinel law in Lille must commit to renting it for a certain number of years. The more important the latter, the more the tax reduction will be. It can be 6, 9 or 12 years, the tax exemption then being 12, 18 or even 21%.

By capping the rents of these new homes, the government and the town hall of Lille intend to encourage social diversity, since households with average incomes will be able to settle in neighborhoods deemed to be more expensive. In addition, the price of the square meter rented will be capped depending on the geographical area in which the accommodation is located, the owner must be able to repay his loan thanks to the rents paid. We must not forget that the cost of living and salaries are not the same in all cities of France, so this must also be taken into account.

Accommodation under agreement

Only certain geographic areas are affected by the Pinel law, in particular large cities which, thanks to this program, will experience a new lease of life and maintain their economic and demographic dynamism.

In areas affected by the Pinel law, not all housing is eligible, it must be new or from off-plan sales. Indeed, it is investment in new real estate which will be encouraged, since housing is then more environmentally friendly and linked to significant energy savings. It is therefore interesting that households with modest incomes can invest in these homes or rent one at an affordable price.