What do celebrities do with the clothes they no longer wear?

More and more celebrities are choosing to sell their second-hand clothes, whether for a good cause or to make a little extra cash!

Celebrities, millionaires, women of power or even superstars, they are basically very similar to us, simple mortals, and there comes a moment in the life of every woman when the question must be asked: what to do with the clothes I no longer wear ?

Even if the latter have to empty their wardrobes much more often than us, thanks to the brands and designers who fill their wardrobes with clothes to showcase their creations through these influential women who serve as a canvas to exhibit their art.
So if you've ever wondered what celebrities do with the clothes they don't wear anymore, the answer is: a lot of them have chosen to sell them. Each has its own motivations: some do it to raise funds and donate to charities, others to promote a culture of reusing clothes in good condition, and also, those who do it to earn a little money. 'money. You see they are not that different from us mere mortals!

Here are some examples of celebrities selling the clothes they no longer wear:

  • Lindsay Lohan : With the help of her sister who is also her promoter, she has chosen to sell the clothes she no longer uses in second-hand shops and thus earn some extra money, which is always welcome.
  • Miley Cyrus: The actress hosted an auction where she sold the clothes she had worn in her various films and red carpets, all at very affordable prices ranging from $ 28 to $ 425. Why didn't we know that sooner? She donated all the profits to The Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation.
  • Ariadne Artiles: The international supermodel sells the clothes she no longer wears through the platform Micolet to “make fashion accessible to all wallets, since you can find great discounts on the site, and promote sustainable fashion”.
  • Courtney Love: She has her own second-hand shop where accessories and clothing are sold.
  • Oprah Winfrey: The most important presenter of the United States has also decided to sell some of her clothes through internet auctions, and to donate the money earned for the construction of a school girls in South Africa.
  • Mette-Marit: The princess and future queen of Norway has always empathized with anything recycling-related, and has listed several items from her own wardrobe for sale on fashion portals. The proceeds were donated to foundations raising awareness of environmental protection.
  • The Kardashians: They are among the celebrities who have opted to give a second life to the clothes they have stopped wearing and sell them through the internet on various sites to earn extra income.
  • Ricky Martin: Boys can do it too! In this case, the magnificent Ricky Martin auctioned his pants to raise money for the fight against AIDS.

Whatever motivation these celebrities, or us mortals, decide to breathe new life into the things we no longer wear through sale, donation or recycling, it will always be the best gift we can give our loved one. home, the Earth, by positively impacting the environment.