What are the best breeds for beginners?

Training a dog requires experience and authority. If you are about to acquire your first dog, it is best to do your research beforehand so that you can choose a breed that is easy to train. For this it is useful to know the main character traits of different breeds of dogs. Certain races are indeed known to be calm, having a great faculty of memorizing orders and liking to obey. Some dogs, on the contrary, need to be dominated by their master who must therefore always have the upper hand over his animal.

The qualities of a beginner dog breed

The first element of puppy education will focus on cleanliness and obedience to simple commands. A dog must know the limits not to be crossed and very quickly he will have to memorize and understand the words meaning forbidden. Some dog breeds are more stubborn than others, for example the Jack Russel. These little hoes often do what they want and therefore their upbringing must be extremely strict from an early age or else they will quickly be led by the nose. It's a Dog Breed a bit insolent and very independent.

To choose your dog well, you must therefore also know yourself well and know what you want. If you don't like a power struggle, then don't commit to buying a dog that needs a very strong personality in front of him. It is not always easy to have to constantly dominate your pet and it can quickly ruin the master / dog relationship. On the contrary, some people will take pleasure in having to constantly bend their animal or to have to struggle a little to be obeyed. A dog must therefore clearly correspond to its own character.

The other essential quality that a future novice dog owner should look for is the sociable nature of the breed.Being able to walk without your pet harming other dogs is very important so that the time for the walk does not become a nightmare.It is indeed not uncommon to meet stressed owners as soon as they see another dog owner approaching far away.They are seized with fear because they fear their dog's aggressive and abnormal reaction.They will only very rarely be able to leave it off a leash and will have to favor isolated walking areas.For this type of dog, it is also complicated to take them to restaurants or to public places.

Where to find information on dog breeds

Speaking around and interviewing other owners of aesthetically pleasing dogs of a breed is helpful in learning about typical breed behavior, although each animal will always have its own character.

Breeders' websites can also be consulted because they almost always contain a description of the breed and its main characteristics. Canine federations can also be a good source of information as well as specialized sites for dog enthusiasts such as Dog's Planet which work like encyclopedias with practical advice. Blogs kept by dog ??"lovers" will also allow you to learn lots of tips and tricks on how to properly train a particular breed.

Finally, when buying, take your time to observe the animal, to look at its behavior with other dogs and with humans: does it allow itself to be stroked easily, does it come in front of you? You will quickly make the right choice for your first dog.