What are the advantages of an online nutritionist consultation?

In an era where digital technology is experiencing tremendous success, teleconsultation with seasoned professionals is becoming more and more widespread. Medicine, in this case online consultations with a nutritionist, is no exception to this trend. Explicitly, what interests do you have in betting on such a practice? What would a remote consultation look like? We tell you more!

Why consult a nutritionist online?

There are many reasons that could lead you to choose an online nutritionist consultation. One of the strengths of this practice remains the quality of services. Indeed, as during a consultation in an office, the nutritionist uses her skills to offer advice that is both confidential and personalized. Better still, it is responsible for providing you with documentation that best meets your needs.

Among other things, teleconsultation is offered as an excellent way to reduce waiting times in transport and therefore your trips. Added to this, the consultation platforms are not only secure, but also intuitive and accessible. As much as it allows you to enjoy your consultation in the comfort of your home. In reality, a teleconsultation offers you the possibility of choosing the atmosphere in which it should take place.  

What services does an online nutritionist offer?

Consulting a nutritionist online is also like taking advantage of almost the same services offered by a specialist in office. In this sense, your e-doctor is able to inform you about the behaviors to adopt to lose weight, to rebalance your diet or to recover from an eating disorder.

At the same time, he is able to offer you a program adapted to the nutrition of your adolescents and your children. The same goes for nutritional monitoring of a pregnant woman.

In addition, a nutritionist can help you avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking. In short, the services of an online nutritionist aim to help the patient sustainably achieve his nutritional goals.  

How does an online consultation session with a nutritionist work?

Online consultation with a nutritionist is nothing quite as different as an in-office consultation. Indeed, during your first appointment, your nutritionist is responsible for establishing your nutritionist assessment with you. Of course, this follows a question-answer exchange between you and your doctor. This operation lasts on average between 45 and 60 minutes.

Once the assessment has been established, your nutritionist will provide you with a personalized program that essentially takes into account your eating habits, your history and your sports activity.

Compared to the first consultation, follow-up visits last on average only 30 minutes. For clarification, these consultations will be made according to your reason for making an appointment. Although, for expected results, dietary or nutritional monitoring should take place with consultations every 15 to 21 days.