The requirements for a comfortable and trendy bedroom

Whether it is parental room, baby room or children's room, there are a few rules to follow so that this space is comfortable and with an up-to-date atmosphere. This is normally played on various elements: the Colors walls, the Design furniture, accessories deco, the different storage, the headboard (for the parental suite), the bed and many more. However, it is possible to group them into 6 crucial points which are at the heart of a cozy and modern bedroom.

Arrange the bedroom

Consider equipping your room as it should

Designing a bedroom, whether it is a parent's bedroom, a baby's bedroom or a children's bedroom, is the first step to take. The shelves, bedside tables, wardrobes and dressers are available in different sizes and shapes. It is important to choose the right model for a perfect integration with the rest.

Some elements can interfere like the radiator. No matter the technology, whether it is a Soft Heat Radiator or one Fluid inertia radiator, the important thing is to keep your decorating ideas and layout while taking into account the existing configuration.

Is a chest of drawers more suitable than a walk-in closet or do you need additional drawers like under the bed for example? In small room, you have to know how to arrange and demarcate the areas where it is possible to integrate the furniture.

Add furniture and trendy decor

Eh yes ! What can make the difference is the ... furniture! ????

Arranging a parental room therefore begins with an integration of the different furniture without its initial configuration being affected. But, we must not forget that furniture can also be decorative objects.

If you want to make your furniture decorative objects, the trend is to bet on furniture with a style Scandinavian. Decorating and furnishing are thus more or less the same purpose: to create a room with decoration that brings a touch cozy and cozy.

Obviously, in the baby room, there isn't really any furniture that could add that special touch. You have to be minimalist and place a changing table or changing table that is more practical, a crib or cradle and a night light on a bedside table. For the decoration, some wall stickers or colorful prints are enough to remind you that this is a baby room.

An air conditioner can change your life, believe it ...

In the children's room, it is advisable to opt for an arrangement scalable that can be given a makeover when it's time to move to a teenage bedroom. Soft colors for the walls, simple wall decorations, a wardrobe and why not a storage box which is still practical even for a teenager.

Also, when it comes to the guest room, there are no big changes to make since it will only be used infrequently, for occasions when friends have to sleep in your house. On the furniture side, you can settle for one Air mattress which is convenient for unannounced guests. A Intex inflatable mattress is recommended for more comfort.

Optimize space

In small spaces it is sometimes almost impossible to create a cocooning atmosphere and turn a children's room into a lovely, cozy room. Rather, we must play on the elements that can bring a Space saving large enough for smoother circulation.

However, if in summer, the heat reaches unbearable peaks for your little ones, it is important to take care to bring refreshment. A Split Mobile Air Conditioner is perfect for drastically lowering the temperature in a small space. If it is too bulky, it is possible to put a Silent Mobile Air Conditioner.

In the parents' room, there should be enough space for two people to move around freely. Otherwise, due to lack of space, the tendency is to create a sleeping area which is separated from the other rooms (living room or dining room) by a simple screen or a semi-load-bearing wall with an opaque pane. This does not prevent having a pretty zen room which includes only the bare essentials, with a minimalist nightstand and a beautiful bedside lamp.

Choosing the right bedding

Bedding plays a role in the decoration of the room, but it also matters a lot in terms of comfort

When we talk about bedding, we refer to all the items that go into the equipment of a bed: box spring, mattress, pillows, sheets, fitted sheet, duvet cover, etc.

For a standard size bed, it is normally advisable to use a duvet 220 × 240 which helps to cover the mattress well to the edges. Ideal for people with allergies is to choose a dust mite quilt. This type of duvet is designed for prevent mites from growing in the fiber which composes it.

On the cushion side, this accessory always adds a little extra to beds, regardless of their size. The different colors available allow you to combine trendy tones. This is usually the technique for decorating a bedroom Feng shui colorful.

The bed set also brings its share to the decoration. An adornment with geometric patterns or in a solid color can play on the side the decorative aspects in the bedroom. A fitted sheet or a duvet cover in a color that matches that of the walls allows you to have a room harmonious where everything seems to be perfect.

Ensure comfort

Nothing beats a restful sleep in a comfortable bed

It is clear that to have a comfortable room, you must not neglect the elements of comfort.

In the first place, to pass a good night's sleep, your head must above all rest well and nothing better than a Ergonomic pillow to live such an experience. In order not to interfere with your companion's sleep, it is possible to use a anti snoring pillow although you might think that you don't snore very much. This is a precaution.

To sleep in comfortable temperatures, you can add a Heated mattress topper on your bed. It is a practical accessory in winter and provides your body with gentle warmth. During the summer, you can install a Inverter air conditioner which has the advantage of not producing cold drafts which can be uncomfortable.