Three tips for settling a dispute quickly and affordably

On a daily basis, it is not uncommon to be faced with disputes of various kinds opposing a natural or legal person. These disputes can be related to a neighborhood disturbance, a condominium problem, professional problems and many other cases. Considering the costly fees of a lawyer as well as lengthy and sometimes unsuccessful legal proceedings, it is necessary to find an effective solution for the resolution of disputes. In this article, discover a selection of some tips for effectively settling a dispute at a lower cost.

Make an amicable settlement

Agreement between the parties in conflict, amicable settlement makes it possible to put an end to disputes following a conciliation between the opponents. Very advantageous, this regulation allowsavoid spending a large amount of money in a legal process requiring the solicitation of a lawyer. In addition, the amicable settlement process takes place in a short time, especially a few months, unlike a legal process that can take years. To initiate an amicable settlement, it is necessary to follow a certain procedure namely:

  • The solicitation of a mediator: the use of a mediator makes it possible to confer legal value on the settlement 
  • The drafting of a formal notice addressed to the opponent: the formal notice is an act allowing to demand from his opponent, within a given period, to comply on pain of appearing before a court. This document can be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

In addition, to have a more formal character, you can entrust the procedure to a bailiff. This will be responsible for drafting and transmitting the formal notice to the respondent. Following this procedure, the opponent has a set time limit to react in order to settle the dispute. Otherwise, you can proceed to the referral to a court.

Start legal proceedings

In the event of an unsuccessful amicable procedure, you have the option of entering the competent court to resolve the dispute. To do this, you must follow the appropriate procedure consisting of setting up a complete file including:

  • A form summarizing the entire dispute and mentioning information about your opponent 
  • All supporting evidence to motivate your action.

You must send the file to the registry of the competent court and wait for a hearing date. However, in order to have an immediate hearing date, you can use a Bailiff who will take care of all the proceedings. Thus, he will proceed to draft a summons addressed to your opponent and will obtain a hearing date as soon as possible.

Request the services of legal experts

In order to benefit from an amicable settlement or a quick and efficient legal procedure, it is advisable to be accompanied by legal experts. With a mastery of legal procedures as well as the legal means, these legal experts will help you resolve your disagreements. Less expensive than lawyers, these experts implement a simpler and faster procedure. So you can go to in order to benefit from support from jurists for the efficient and cost-effective resolution of your dispute.