Air mattress rental: the anti-bedsore solution for patients who have to lie down

Some illnesses force you to stay in bed for a long time and this prolonged posture ends up generating another pathology which is called "bedsore". To prevent the appearance of this disorder, which is necrosis of the skin on parts of the body in permanent contact with a mattress, there is fortunately an effective solution which consists in resting the patient on an air mattress.

How the anti-decubitus mattress works

It is actually a mattress topper that is positioned on the patient's usual bedding. It consists of 18 different rod-shaped compartments which are all inflated with air. The whole thing is covered with a plasticized cover which is liquid-tight but breathable to allow the water vapor generated by the body to pass through.

The ingenious technology of the anti-decubitus mattress obviously does not stop there, as the system does not remain constantly inflated. All the tubes are connected to an electrical machinery which ensures their inflation and deflation alternately and at a regular rate. This automatic system is patented and adapts perfectly to the patient's morphology.

This allows the different parts of the body to move artificially to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers or to reduce their progression for patients who already have these symptoms in stages 1 to 2. It is suitable for people weighing 30 to 150 kgs.

This revolutionary mattress is easy to install at home and does not require special medical knowledge.

The choice of renting an anti-bedsore mattress

Home medical devices are expensive and it is sometimes problematic to invest in and encumber yourself with a device intended to treat or relieve a pathology that one always wishes to be temporary.

It is for this reason in particular that the solution of renting an air mattress intended to prevent bedsores appears to be the most suitable. It's a air mattress rental company in the Var who had this ingenious idea to offer the rental of this type of mattress throughout the department.

With the rental, the customer no longer has to travel since the mattress is delivered to their home and they do not have to worry more about maintenance or possible breakdown. In the event of a malfunction, just make a simple phone call and the equipment is replaced immediately.

The use of an air mattress can be covered by social security if the attending physician prescribed the device by prescription.

If the patient needs to move to another place of residence, the family can easily deflate the air mattress and transport it in its specially designed cover.

At the end of the period of use, the company returns to collect the device and the patient therefore does not need to bother with equipment that is no longer needed.

The anti-decubitus air mattress is also French made and has been the subject of extensive research resulting in the filing of a patent which assures it to be a unique device.