Good reasons to take up sport

The start of the year is a good time to develop good habits. Have you also decided to push open the door to the gym? Whether it's to be in good physical condition, to lose excess weight or just to exercise, there are many reasons.

It's good for the health

A Dutch study has shown that women who play sports regularly have a lower risk of contracting breast cancer, a disease attributable to physical inactivity in 15 to 20 % cases in France. Otherwise, regular exercise of intense or moderate physical activity is good for the heart. We must not forget that the heart is a muscle. Thanks to brisk walking, fitness, cardio exercises or swimming, the arteries dilate better and the deposition of cholesterol on the walls is reduced considerably. He gets tired less quickly.

The sport also promotes weight loss and preserves muscle tone. To proudly show off your dream figure, choose from the original and daring pieces available on this online fashion store. Between tops, dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, sweaters and more, you can compose a feminine, elegant, yet casual look for everyday life, the office or going out with girlfriends.

It's good for morale

Juggling family life and work can be a real headache for working women. Wanting to manage everything, their stress rate is higher compared to that of men. The practice of regular physical activity constitutes a good way to let off steam, to reduce the pressure and above all to counter the harmful effects of stress on the body. During training, the body makes more endorphins, the hormones for happiness. When you leave the gym, you will sweat, but you will also have a banana!

It’s good for the libido

Whatever sport is practiced, it seems to have positive repercussions on the life of a couple. Indeed, by increasing tenfold the feeling of well-being, it also increases self-confidence which impacts on libido. Before resuming sport, be aware that the results are not immediately visible. It’s not after 3 sessions that you will lose 5 pounds. Patience is essential! Above all, don't put pressure on yourself. If you miss a session or two, the world doesn't stop spinning. Get organized!

Getting (back) to sport, especially after childbirth is a real challenge. That’s why it’s part of the resolutions of many women every year! We have to admit it: it's physical, sometimes painful and it also requires a good sense of organization with work, shopping, chores, children ... In order not to become quickly disillusioned, better start slow and choose an activity you like (tai chi, zumba, judo, cycling, kayaking…). Remember to warm up before you exercise.