The eternal rose: the unexpected touch for a refined decoration

Flowers that do not fade: the dream of many interior designers, amateurs and specialists. Note that today, several plant varieties are now said to be "eternal". Why this name because they do not fade, thanks to a special process. This is the case with the rose, a rose that will last as long as you love it.

Why is this rose eternal?

Originally, the eternal rose is a fresh rose. Then, to immortalize it, it is subjected to a specific conservation treatment which aims to preserve its natural beauty. To do this, its sap is replaced by a process made up of plant active ingredients and glycerin. This process stops normal aging.

The molecules that tarnish the appearance of the rose are stopped and the flower does not wither. In other words, the normal course of the plant's life is frozen. This method is called "lyophilization". The leaves and petals remain flexible, which makes the plant look natural. It therefore remains in its original splendor without taking a wrinkle.

Although the Eternal Rose will be the subject of wonder in your home for years to come, know that its elegance will remain intact. But unlike the artificial rose, it is more pleasant to the touch and to the sight.

What are the advantages of taking an eternal rose?

Natural roses are freshly picked and need to be bought very early to spruce up the interior decoration for just a day or two. In addition, a fresh rose stalk is expensive. Against all odds, you can get a cheap eternal rose without breaking the bank.

In addition to bringing a chic touch to your interior, you save money. You will not have to redeem flowers every other day since visually the appearance of the immortal rose exceeds all expectations. Compared to dried flowers, the preserved rose does not change color despite the passage of time. Its lifespan is approximately 5 years. This longevity makes it a real asset.

In addition, you will have a wide choice of colors. A decorating idea is to take different colors, going up to the rainbow hue and making a bouquet. You can also personalize your vase by sliding your eternal rose among the natural flowers in your garden. You will have enough to refresh your decoration over the weeks, months and years.