The destinations to discover for a weekend with friends

In this year 2020, like every year, travel is one of the priorities of the French. Without a doubt, many people dream of discovering one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, heading for South Africa, Australia, Mexico, or Sardinia to enjoy warm white sand and turquoise water. There are also many who dream explore historic sites, whether it is Machu Picchu in Peru or the Taj Mahal in India, via Angkor in Cambodia. But, for a few years now, we have also noted that another form of travel has attracted the general public: no need to go far to have a good time.

As a study conducted by the Travel Zoo site revealed last year, one in three French people is gone in "city break" in 2019. A city break is simply a short stay spent in a city located a few hours from where you livewhether by car, train or plane. If you feel like trying this type of trip with friends, discover the destinations that are particularly worthwhile whether you stop over for a classic or extended weekend.

Barcelona is an ideal city for a city break

Barcelona, ??for those who love the festive spirit and the seaside

If Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for stag parties and hen parties, it is because the Catalan capital easily plunges groups of friends into a warm and friendly atmosphere which is found nowhere else, or almost. Apart from its long beach and its lively nightlife, Barcelona can be visited easily and pleasantly in a few days. In addition to the many architectural treasures imagined and created by Gaudi that it houses, the city will surprise you with its gourmet cuisine. Fill up on tapas to taste together to fill up on flavors!

London, for those who like the Rock n 'Roll spirit

Another must-see city for lovers of city breaks of all kinds, London allows you to explore very different atmospheres as you visit all of its neighborhoods. Honestly, two or three days there are not enough to discover all the mysteries that the British capital is home to. But it gives you the opportunity to organize several weekends with friends on site to learn about this special city. Every time you visit, make sure you spend a few hours at the Pub, whether it's watching a rugby match, a football match or listening to a young artist or a young band perform hits from The Beatles, Oasis or again from The Libertines.

Dublin, for those who love beer and tradition

If the grandeur of London scares you, you can head to another Anglo-Saxon capital: Dublin, Ireland. There you will have the chance to discover a city in which you can easily walk or cycle.. Visiting famous whiskey distilleries and especially the unmissable Guinness brewery await you, including a 360 ° panorama of the whole city not to be missed. If you are passionate about history, a trip to Kilmainham Prison or the library at Trinity College, where the Book of Kells is located, is sure to move you. In the evening, in good company, bet on a trip to one of the many taverns in Dublin to drink with the locals and perform a few dance steps or learn some traditional songs with them. Because that is all the charm of the city: its inhabitants welcome you with open arms to help you discover their (beautiful) culture.

Brussels, so close to us and yet so different!

Brussels, for those who like to eat well

If the language of Shakespeare is not your strong point or does not appeal to you, go to Brussels, where a change of scenery will be assured in any case compared to your daily life! From the Grand-Place to the comic strip museum through the parks of the Belgian capital, discover a rich culture that will charm you. If you're going with friends who like to eat well, try out the various chip stalls in town until you find the best one (spoiler alert: it would be Frikot "Big Moestasje", according to the newspaper Le Soir) and remember to bring back some good Belgian chocolates to those who stayed at home!

Porto, for those who love authenticity

If you are looking for the sun and the sea, but you have a limited budget for your weekend with friends, Porto is a destination for you. The cost of living is rather low, which allows you to be accommodated and fed at low cost throughout your stay, while having the assurance of eating well. It's very simple, cod can be cooked in all its forms, always being delicious! Visiting Porto also means immersing yourself in an atmosphere that is very authentic. You will find few cultural or tourist sites there, but the fact of strolling in the alleys of the Portuguese city and on its famous bridge is worth all the museums in the world, be sure!