The advantages of managing recruitment with e-recruitment software

Currently, the market is invaded by a large number of e-recruiting software to support HR managers in finding the ideal candidates for the position to be filled within the company. However, each company must choose its software based on its priorities. It is then necessary to define the functions which meet the expectations of the company in order to simplify the selection.

To help you make the right choice of software, here are the criteria you need to take into account to facilitate the tasks of the recruitment process and to be able to make a sound decision as soon as possible.

Convenient features to save time

The e-recruitment software ideal must perform the automatic analysis of CVs received in order to relieve managers of repetitive and time-consuming obligations: selective sorting and archiving in the database. File convertibility also makes it easier to compare CVs so that each document can be easily accessed.

The search function is also an essential criterion: each time the HR manager must recruit, he can enter the appropriate keywords to find the corresponding profiles in his CV-library. It is advisable to give preference to programs that allow personal comments to be attached to the applications received and consulted, always with the aim of facilitating the process.

Identifying and merging duplicates are also essential features to save significant time. The e-recruitment software finds duplicates and merges or refreshes the information as necessary.

Better management of recruitment and good monitoring of candidates

The e-recruiting software are more effective when they provide a quick overview of the recruitment process and the phase in which the candidate is: test passed, application refused, invitation to interview, etc. These steps can be defined by symbols or short comments. The software interface is therefore also very important for easy and optimal use.

What else ? It is also important to involve other coworkers, more specifically those working in the department concerned, in the analysis of the profiles selected to avoid making bad decisions. This approach also allows for better integration of the new recruit into the company. Thus, it would be necessary to choose a software which makes it possible to transmit the profiles of the most interesting candidates.

Finally, make sure that the multicasting of job offers is possible: the e-recruitment software must allow job vacancies to be published on platforms appropriate to the company's activities. This feature saves significant time allowing you to concentrate on other tasks.