Some tips for wearing a Lacoste polo shirt

Unconditional of the male wardrobe, the Lacoste polo shirt is also a flagship piece of the female wardrobe. A woman can proudly wear the iconic crocodile of the polo shirt maker.

This open-neck, knit sports shirt is now one of women's favorite tops. However, it must be worn only in relation to what suitable for the occasion and be married to well-chosen pieces. If you don't yet know what situation to put on a Lacoste polo, here are some tips that can help you.

What is the occasion to wear a polo shirt?

A polo shirt is, above all, a key part of a casual outfit. The Lacoste sport polo shirts solid color or striped pattern can be combined with a pair of jeans and feminine sneakers. You can add some accessories like a Lacoste cap for example.

For a sporty style, a Lacoste polo shirt goes very well with short shorts and a Bob-style hat or visor. To accentuate the "sporty" side, you can opt for a pair of sneakers or sneakers.

Besides, a polo shirt is not just for dressing in a casual or sporty style. Many models of Lacoste polo shirts allow you to have a casual chic look. The solid color models without a pattern are perfect for adopting an elegant style by pairing them with elegant pants, but making sure to tuck the top well at the waist. For the color, choose a neutral tone such as navy blue, black or gray with a straight cut and not strong colors. Wear at the foot of moccasins to accentuate the refined side.

In Italy, polo shirts are one of the favorite clothes, and in summer they can be found almost everywhere in the windows of big cities. Italians display styles that are out of the ordinary and border on originality. You can also do the same, but you must dare to wear bright colors. Pink, orange, green or even red ... You have all the possibilities to create an Italian look.

How to choose a polo shirt?

A quality polo shirt is a polo shirt that is woven with a cotton pique mesh fabric. This is ideal in summer, because this material looks like a mesh allowing air to circulate freely, which brings you comfort during the hot summer months. Plus, this mesh and pique cotton is stretch-proof, and is lighter than any other fabric. The fabric must also withstand frequent washing and not lose its elasticity over time.

A good polo shirt should also have a chic and flirtatious collar with a certain flexibility because of the sporty side of this shirt. With this touch of elegance, a well-chosen polo shirt can be worn with a slim jacket for a casual style.

A polo shirt that can claim to be a good polo shirt must also have ribbed and elastic sleeves. They should hold up for the long haul and provide a good hold no matter what moves you make. A polo shirt of the right size does not tighten your arm, but should have fitted sleeves. 

The last quality point of a polo shirt is the belt which must provide a good appearance. Lacoste sport polo shirts are all guaranteed to be of good quality, suitable for all styles of outfit.