Selection of the best motorcycle helmets of the moment!

motorcycle helmet selection

Every biker is looking for a helmet that combines efficiency, comfort and design. Indeed, if these characteristics are specific to most of the helmets offered on the market, not all are of quality or do not guarantee safety. That’s why we’re bringing you our pick of the best up-to-date helmets right now.

Modular helmet, dual homologation models

It is not prudent to ride a modular motorcycle helmet with the chin bar raised, unless it has double full-jet homologation. Apart from the Shark Evoline model, four other families of modular helmets have joined the circle of variants with double homologation: the Givi X-01 helmet and the Nolan N100E, N102, N103 helmet. These are the best recommendations available on the market.

The modular SCHUBERTH C3

Riding on the successes recorded by the C2, the Schuberth brand is launching its 3rd generation of modular helmet with the C3. Ultra comfortable, the helmet comes with two adjustable size possibilities to conform to any kind of head circumference. Space-saving, compact and aerodynamic, the C3 offers enormous safety guarantees evidenced by the signature of the iconic driver Michael Schumacher.

The Airoh Cezannee

After its first line of medium products with the Basic Jet, the Airoh range has decided to play in the big leagues with its new Cezanne model. Very harmonious with the requirements of the top of the range, this ultra comfortable modular motorcycle helmet marries more modern lines making it what we could call the helmet of the future. With its modular shell for two sizes and its high-performance anti-fog and anti-scratch screen, the motorcycle accessory has enough to hold the road.

The Grex RF2 modular helmet with internal sun visor

With a great practicality and a very versatile side, the RF2 of the Grex brand holds a place of choice in our short list. Its special feature is the integration of a very comfortable internal sun visor for long journeys as well as for city trips. The model motorcycle helmet Also has a modern shell with a "Dual Control Lift" opening mechanism that is easily activated while facilitating the opening of the chin bar.

The Airoh TR1 Crazy modular helmet motorcycle

Here is a motorcycle helmet model that stands out for the ultra fun decoration of its design. Indeed, the Tr1 combines both the bling bling allure specific to dollar rappers and the Ghetto Bad boy trend with the legendary skull. In addition, this airoh helmet has a chin bar, the removable and modular side of which at the rear by means of a fixing kit, makes it a piece of equipment that is far ahead of its time.

The Airoh SV 55 modular helmet

The Airoh SV 55 is a modular helmet that deserves its place in this top motorcycle helmet of the moment. Indeed, it has good comfort and pleasant soundproofing. In addition, it is equipped with a very practical sun visor that retracts with a push for the pleasure of eyeglass wearers. Ultra modular, this motorcycle helmet is practical both as a jet for city trips and as an integral jet for people used to braving the highways. Very popular with bikers, it is one of the Best Sellers.