Give your kitchen a makeover by adding a splashback

Having a beautiful splashback in your kitchen is essential. The latter will initially catch the eye. But it is also very practical, because it will facilitate cleaning. Here's how to choose and maintain this kitchen item.

The splashback is an essential element in the kitchen

The choice of this accessory is just as important as that of the worktop. She will participate in the decoration of this room which is considered by many to be the heart of the house. It will blend into the background and give clear indications of your tastes.

The latter easily finds its place in modern kitchens. You can install it at the back of the hood and behind the hobs. It will then protect your walls from splashes which are very common in the kitchen. However, those who mainly want to use it as a decorative object will prefer to place it long in the room.

What material for your kitchen splashback?

The majority of kitchen backsplashes are strong, resistant and easy to clean. It won't be difficult to find one that fits your budget and fits the style of your kitchen. They are also distinguished by their costs and their lifespan.

Those looking for a colorful model or with patterns will surely turn to layered models. However, for a more classic and traditional style, a stainless steel or tiled model would be perfect. While wood will work best in a Scandinavian style kitchen.

How to choose a splashback in the kitchen?

Some people like it low-key while others expect a more impressive high. If you are mainly looking for a discreet model, opt for those measuring around 8 inches. However, you can also choose a custom glass splashback if it will also be used to perfect your decoration.

A glass model will give even more elegance and sobriety to the room and will also be very easy to maintain. On top of that their luminous aspects make the room feel bigger and a mat or shiny model is sure to catch the eye.

A decorative element that can be placed everywhere in the house

It is also possible to harmonize it with your work plan or to make it even more functional. Thus, some models are equipped with a shelf and allow you to have the spices or the cutting board close at hand.

Facile à installer, la crédence peut habiller facilement les murs de votre cuisine. Mais elle peut aussi confirmer le style de votre salle de bain, de votre chambre ou même de votre entr

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