Repainting the bathroom: which paint to use?

paint bathroom

Renovating a bathroom, whether in whole or in part, requires a certain expertise. Indeed, it is necessary to use the appropriate materials in order to prevent the humidity in this room from damaging the floor or walls. It is therefore not advisable, for example, to lay parquet on the floor, as traces of water may remain visible and, in the long term, make the floor less solid.

Regarding the walls, it is possible to choose between paint and an original coating such as ceramic, porcelain or even glass paste. It is possible to find ceramics in Blainville which is of very good quality and easy to install. In any case, it is better to take the time to educate yourself beforehand to avoid making a mistake that could potentially cost you dearly or require you to do new work soon.

A color that gives charm to the room

The bathroom is one room that you are sure to want to relax in, whether in the morning before you start working or in the evening after a long day.It will therefore be interesting to transform this room into a small haven of peace.It will be interesting to bet on light colors, it will allow you to wake up gently in the morning and calm down in the evening before going to bed.Also, light shades will make the room appear larger.It should also be noted that we tire of garish hues more quickly than more neutral colors.If you want to opt for originality, you can indulge yourself in a bathroom with black walls that you will dress with much lighter furniture.

For a Zen bathroom, white and beige are preferred shades, such as very light brown, possibly opting for a single colored wall. If modern attracts you, light gray will be your best ally!

The criteria to take into account depending on the dimensions of the room

We cannot say it enough, but to make a small room appear bigger, it is better to bet on light colors, whether for the floor or the walls! Also note that light colors will reflect light better, which will definitely be an asset. Having mirrors on the walls will also allow you to gain brightness in the bathroom if it does not have windows or if the windows are small or even poorly oriented.

Tips for repainting a bathroom effectively

Before starting to apply the final paint, you must remember to apply an undercoat. Then you will have to choose a acrylic paint preferably designed for the wettest rooms. In addition, painting with a satin effect will be much more resistant to moisture, so it will not be necessary to carry out renovations too regularly afterwards.