Parental control on mobile is essential?

For all parents, the computer is easy to monitor. We have taken care to install parental controls, it is easy to use. But what happens to parental controls on our children's cell phones?

Parental control on mobile, how does it work?

It's a filter that locks out content such as dating sites, blogs, or sexy services ... anything that might shock our children. But that doesn't prevent us from taking a look at the screens over their shoulders, where to spy on their browsing history. We even manage to read their emails (a few times).
In France, the average age of children receiving a mobile for the first time is eleven years old. A necessary step towards a beginning of independence, this corresponds to entering college. It's a way to fit in. Difficult for us parents to resist the pressure. The cell phone remains a real concern. We want to protect them from the dangers of the internet. Prohibit access to pornographic or dating sites ... Limit connection time. How do you know what they're watching, who they're chatting with on social media, or who they're texting with? There are so many dangers on the web. Do we have to comply with their requests?
As with the computer, it is possible to ask the operator to install parental controls on our children's mobile phones. Sensitive sites remain inaccessible, so we are reassured. Not really, for parental controls to remain effective, our children need to navigate from their mobile phones equipped with a SIM card. If they connect to wifi, they are no longer protected. There are still contacts that our teens can make on social networks. Faced with the dangers represented by the internet and bad encounters, what to do? Spy on SMS of our dear teenagers. Yes but how ?

What does parental control software allow on mobile phones?

? To remotely control and monitor all their mobile activities.
? To block the phone if our children do not answer our calls. Of course this at once.
? Geolocation. By adding a GPS tag for children that will serve as a tracker, we can know all the movements of our children at the moment T.
? Monitoring of actions on social networks. They offer multiple possibilities such as receiving copies of SMS, photos, videos, e-mails… and even for some the keys entered on the keyboard.
To help us install this spyware, tutorials are available on Youtube. Something to reassure us.
Yet I remain convinced that there is one more thing we can add to all these safeguards: dialogue. When we offer them these kinds of devices, we have to explain to them the dangers they may face. Of course, we have to be vigilant and put in place monitoring, but the most important thing is the dialogue and the trust we place in our children. Some software remains very intrusive and leaves little room for the privacy of our teens.