Opt for the exterior vertical awning for your patio or balcony!

Having a coffee on the terrace, having lunch on the balcony of your apartment as soon as the sun heats up enough, these are moments that most of us enjoy. Unfortunately, as soon as the wind picks up, or worse, the rain sets in, living outside becomes complicated and we are confined to the kitchen or the indoor dining room of the restaurant. Fortunately for you, professionals and individuals alike, there is a very practical solution that should make your life easier. The exterior vertical awning for terrace or balcony has recently appeared on the market and it may well satisfy all your needs.

A blind that installs in seconds

You are undoubtedly one of those who have known family meals under the awning that is protected on the sides with large, unsightly tarpaulins that are often complicated to install correctly. From now on, you can simply purchase a blind that unfolds in seconds and holds thanks to the weight that is naturally present at the bottom. You will enjoy all the advantages of a bay window without having to pay the same amount.

The vertical blind allows you to enjoy your terrace throughout the year and into the evening even when the evenings are cool! No need to say that the blind can be transparent, so that you can continue to admire the view from your balcony or your personal terrace.

A more efficient terrace for professionals

Whether you run a hotel, restaurant or even a café, you have no doubt had to contend with the wind and rain that prevent guests from sitting on the terrace. It is all the same a pity, when you are by the sea for example, not to be able to enjoy a meal outside all this because the wind has decided to come and put its two cents in the organization. tables.

Rather than forcing your customers to sit inside, you can offer them a place on the terrace with the vertical exterior awning. As resistant as a tarp, but more rigid once installed, it will protect your guests from the wind and rain which can sometimes seep in despite the presence of an awning. In addition to this, note that you will benefit from more seating, which means your turnover how well your fame may increase very quickly!

A design that fits into all structures

One of the major advantages of a vertical blind is that you can integrate it into the architecture of your building without any difficulty. Discreet, it is easy to install and becomes almost invisible when rolled up. You will also not need a lot of storage space as you would if you were using standard tarps.

Note that the installation does not require expensive and complex work. There is no need to install a slide as for a bay window, the fixing is simply done above the openings of your terrace. You can also open and close the blinds as needed, so that your terrace is fully closed or simply protected at the top of the falling rain!