Online training: its 5 advantages that will make you fall in love!

It is a booming sector and one that is not likely to stop! In fact, since our DIF points have been transformed into €, we now have the possibility of once again participating in our own learning course. And depending on the profession in which you want to specialize, online training can become a serious asset! With quite a few advantages to the program, we take stock right here!

1 - flexible learning

The first advantage of online training is that it gives you flexible learning. Indeed, another time, another time, it was not possible to be able to do without face-to-face lessons at the University or in a specialized center. However, that necessarily required an organization, but above all, to pose, days off.  

But now you choose your schedule with your e-learning course. In the evening, on weekends or in your free time, nothing prevents you from continuing to work and training at the same time. It is therefore the ideal option for a double course!  

2 - Personalized follow-up

Contrary to what one might think, online training offers you personalized follow-up and support. Indeed, e-leaning professionals immediately understood the importance of coaching. This is why they offer you tools specially designed to help you progress.

For example, we think of an interactive coach, questionnaires or tests depending on your level. In addition, some platforms may even offer you the services of a tutor who will directly correct your exercises and adapt them according to your level.

3 - Less constraints on the program

Before, when it came to training, you had to travel. And that inevitably involved organization, transportation and catering costs. But with online training, it's the little things that don't really matter. 

Thus, you get rid of a number of constraints! In addition, you now learn in a familiar and comfortable work environment since you do it directly from home! Unless you would not prefer to go on a trip while continuing to train you abroad!  

4 - Savings on the program

Here again, online training is becoming more and more accessible. It must be said that today, the transformation of DIF points into € promotes this type of learning. In addition, these are dematerialized courses that cost less than face-to-face courses. In addition to travel costs, you therefore save on the starting price of your training.

5 - The plurality of learning

Finally, you should know that by going through e-learning, you will have access to a multitude of content. From management to web development, via office automation or Big data, all sectors and even the most innovative are now accessible. And since the world of work changes rapidly, this is the perfect way to gain certification quickly and make a difference on your resume.