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Sectional Garage Door Motorization Buying Guide

For various reasons, many homeowners prefer to install a sectional door to access their garage. This choice is indeed obvious since this type of garage door is the one that offers the most advantages.

Already, by its shape, it is composed of panels positioned one on top of the other and which slide towards the ceiling on rails. Space saving is the main advantage, unlike what other types of garage doors offer. But, opening a sectional garage door by hand is difficult and back-breaking, which is quite inconceivable for some people. It is to avoid this kind of worry that the door of motorized sectional garage was invented. This motorization system is what automates the opening of the automatic door and allows you to control it remotely. However, she is not flawless and can let go at any time.

If you are going to install a custom garage door and motorize it, or if you are considering replacing your own motorization, here is a buying guide that takes you through the key points.

What is a sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are innovative doors that have all the advantages of roller garage doors, but with the appearance of a more traditional form of garage door. Opening vertically, the door is made up of 4 to 5 panels that hinge as the door rises to the ceiling. When fully retracted, the panels rest horizontally in the space under the roof and are supported by two rails positioned horizontally.

This simple, yet efficient design translates into the full width and height of the opening, making it ideal for homeowners with larger vehicles or where aisle space is not enough. Available in a range of designs to match any architectural style, a sectional garage door is one of the most popular types of garage doors.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of a sectional garage door?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, sectional garage doors are the most popular with old and new owners. Indeed, their sliding panels offer you a way to adapt the door according to the width, the height under ceiling and the depth of your garage.

The automation of this type of motorized garage door is remotely controlled using remote controls that you get by purchasing the garage door motor. The latter drives the stacked panels down to the ceiling using a traction system which can be belt, chain or rack (worm). But, in any case, you have a silent opening which does not require any physical effort.

A motorized door is a great asset when you are out in rainy weather. In inclement weather, all you have to do is open your garage door remotely and you can come home to dryness. Also, if you are looking for good insulation even in your garage, you have many models that offer excellent thermal insulation with thermal break elements such as polyurethane foam introduced inside the panels. Sometimes, this component is also an insulator constituting the fire protection system of the garage door itself so that safety is optimal.

The sectional garage door then has many advantages. But, there are still some drawbacks, especially in terms of durability and maintenance.

The motorization is often the black point of this type of garage door. Indeed, sectional doors have a lower durability compared to overhead doors or roller doors, and even doors with side opening. It happens that certain spare parts suffer damage and require frequent replacement, which is generally the case with the operators of this type of garage door. Regular interviews involving cleaning and lubrication are necessary for a better service life of the mechanism.

Is it possible to have a single remote control for all the openings?

You are wondering whether it is possible to have centralized control for all the doors, windows, bay windows and garage doors in your home. Well, the answer is YES, because there are manufacturers of openings, and in this case, garage doors, that offer this kind of system.

It is a matter of practicality for those who choose this choice although it is a potential security risk. You can centralize the locking and unlocking of your doors and windows with the opening and closing of your garage door. This is a great advantage if you own a large house. You dispense with the keys when you leave your home in your car.

The most common today is Automation which allows you to have an interface on your smartphone or tablet that connects you to your home. If you want to open an item, all you have to do is select the relevant function. This is surprisingly practical, because all that is needed is a connection to your Internet box which is connected to your home automation system.

How to choose the right motor for a sectional garage door?

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to operators for your sectional garage door. Indeed, there are three systems that allow the motor to drive the panel sections in a linear fashion, without any discontinuous movement. Manufacturers of motorized sectional doors offer a rack and pinion (worm screw), belt or chain motor. All of these options are effective although one may be less durable than the other or one may be more complicated to maintain than the other.

However, one should not be in a hurry to immediately choose the engine with the strongest panel drive system. If you are installing a new garage door, you can afford it. But, if it is a replacement, you must ensure that your door is compatible with the system you have chosen. The choice of a garage door operator always depends on the type of door that equips your garage, whether it is a roll-up garage door, side shift or an overhead door.

The tracks that allow your door panels to go up under the ceiling are always the same on all sectional doors. But, the difference can be in the size of each panel and the drive system that is best suited to those panels. This is one of the reasons why it makes more sense to call on a carpentry professional to determine the most suitable engine.

If you have difficulty finding a sectional door operator, you can also choose a custom door. You thus have the expertise of a manufacturer who will offer you a door that takes into account the size of your garage. At the same time, he will be able to put forward some ideas to you that could prevent you from having to replace certain parts early.

Each type of garage door has a corresponding motor

There is an operator for each type of garage door. Its operation depends on the direction of opening. But, only one type of garage door cannot be motorized: the folding garage door.

However, with the other types, there is a plethora of possible options which are all equally powerful.

On a swing door, you have two panels called casements which open either inward or outward, but always horizontally. The motorization suitable for this type of garage door is an arm motor which activated with a remote control and has a motor driving articulated arms attached to each leaf.

On an overhead door, you have a single panel that swings upward, below the ceiling. It is a rigid version of the sectional door and the operator is usually chain or worm gear, as the door itself can be very heavy, especially if it is made of wood.

On a sectional door, the panels are numerous and articulate while sliding on rails on both sides so that they all fit under the ceiling. The preferred engine is chain or belt for the lightness of the drive system. But, the cogwheel is just as effective.

On a roller door, the system has a box in which the blades that make up the garage door wind up. The motorization on this model is very simple, because the role of the motor is to drive and wind the blades.

On a sliding door, the opening is similar to that of a sectional door, but it is on one of the interior sides of the garage. The most preferred motorization on this type of door is rack and pinion because of the resistance weighing on a single rail.

What are the prerequisites for installing a sectional garage door operator?

The installation of an engine requires that certain points be observed. And one of them concerns the garage door which must slide correctly on both tracks, without any physical constraint.

For the motor to be powered, you must have a source of electricity near where it will be installed. Make sure that the electrical line you are using is only intended for the motorization of your garage door. Upstream, make sure there is a fuse or minimum 10 A circuit breaker and a 30 mA differential switch.

Also make sure that you have a place where you can install a rotating beacon which is mandatory when installing a new garage door. It should be visible from the outside so that motorists can know you are exiting or entering.

When it comes to engine power, it is important to choose one that is capable of raising your panels up to the ceiling. This requires taking into account the material of your door and its weight. A sufficiently powerful engine represents less risk of breakage of parts.

The different types of garage motorization

You can find three types of motorization for your sectional garage door. Generally, they are all equipped with a manual release if you experience a power cut and cannot fully open the door.

  • Chain drive
  • A chain motor is as follows: the motor is placed on the ceiling and a chain connects it to a link that turns a pinion pulling the panels up. To be clearer, a chain drive uses the pulling force to lift the door which slides on its tracks. While it is the most common system on sectional doors, it is also present on overhead doors.

  • Belt drive
  • The belt drive uses the same principle as the chain drive. The latter gives way in this system to a flexible and solid belt which tolerates a certain weight often greater than that supported by the chain. The resistance which is the weak point of the chain is limited thanks to the flexibility of the belt. Thus, it is possible to install this type of motor on the imposing doors of 10 m² and weighing up to 80 kg.

  • Rack and pinion motorization or worm gear
  • The rack-and-pinion motor is a rather special system since it is the motor which is fixed on the door and the worm is fixed at the level of the ceiling. Sound level and robustness are the strengths of this type of engine. In addition, it requires very little maintenance.

How to maintain a sectional garage door operator?

Your powertrain should be serviced regularly to keep it running smoothly and longevity, no matter how many times a year you walk back and forth to your garage.

There are several elements to maintain:

  • the door that needs to be repainted if necessary
  • the rails which must offer a maximum of rolling, without any constraint, by simply carrying out their lubrication
  • the engine which must be the subject of a regular check of mechanism and electronic components

The door panels are also movable and it is important to lubricate their axes regularly so that there is no resistance when the motor is driving them.

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