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Difficult to make a choice for your new Faac Gate Motorization? We wrote this Faac Portal Motorization special purchasing guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Faac Gate Motorization!

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FAAC portal motorization buying guide

Are you tired of going back and forth to open and close your swing gate?Motorization is the solution for you.This will allow you to open and close automatically from a distance via a remote control, key or card.Note that there are five types of motorization for swing gates, including the actuator, arm, wheel, buried as well as the motor integrated into the gate.Although the options are numerous, the choice of a gate operator should be based on several criteria, including weight, speed and direction of opening.To choose the best Faac motorization adapted to your swing gate, zoom in on the characteristics of each type of motorization and the products corresponding to this brand.This comparison guide will help you make the right choice when making your purchase.

The actuator with Leader Kit 230V Integral-SG

There are several types of actuator motorization, the most common of which is linear actuator automation which allows a screw to turn inside nuts placed on the leaves using an electric motor. There is also the hydraulic cylinder motorization which has the same system, but with an optimized pressure by an oil to offer more electric power. The jacks are activated by an electrical impulse produced with a detection system or a remote control.

The actuator with jacks is intended for solid gates, since it exerts a significant force on the hinges. It is particularly suitable for steel gates. It is therefore wise not to install it on models made of aluminum, PVC or wood. Furthermore, requiring a 220-volt supply, this type of motorization involves bringing power cables to the gate, a job reserved for professionals.

In the Faac range relating to cylinder motors, the Leader Kit 230 V Integral SG turns out to be the most recommended by its characteristics. It is reliable, robust and quiet at the same time.

Hand motorization with the Magnum kit

This type of motorization is very popular for swing gates. It is a simple solution to automate an already existing portal. This model works using articulated devices that form a mechanical arm attached to each leaf to ensure opening and closing. Note that there are hydraulic arms that are the most efficient and electromechanical bars. Like the actuator, the arm requires an arrival of 220 flights. However, it’s faster, bigger and fits any material. This device is also suitable for medium portals.

With two-leaf gates, the Faac Magnum kit has the particularity of being compact. It also gives convenience to all users. In addition, it eliminates the need for an electric lock by its self-locking operator.

The underground motorization with the Faac Power Kit

Faac revendique sa place dans la catégorie des moteurs pour portail à enterrer avec le Kit Power. Chaque caisse est reliée à un vantail grâce à un étrier de fixation faisant office de charnière. Il est préférable d’accompagner son montage avec l’installation du portail neuf, car il nécessite des travaux de maçonnerie. Il convient, cependant, de souligner qu’il s’agit de la motorisation pour portail battant de Faac la plus durable et solide. Les parties mécaniques dissimulées sont en effet protégées de tout aléa. En ce qui concerne l’entretien, ceci doit se faire tous les ans ou tous les deux ans. Notez qu’il s’agit d’un système qui tombe rarement en panne. En termes de prix, la motorisation enterrée Kit Power est très abordable.

Motorization integrated with the Energy 24V Integral Kit

Do you want to motorize your swing gate with a more discreet system?Integrated motorization is preferred.To this end, Faac unveils its 24V Integral Energy Kit.In addition, it has the particularity of being easy to install while having all the advantages of underground motorization.Its mechanism is located in the vertical uprights of the leaves.In other words, it is purchased at the same time as the portal.Like any other engine, this model is activated using a remote control or a detection system.Besides, you can test it when purchasing the product.The Energy 24V Integral Kit also claims a self-locking ability, very practical in domestic uses.A slowdown at the end of the stroke is also identified in this motor for two-leaf doors from Faac.The power developed by the 2 operators of the device can support openings of up to 200 kg.Sold as a kit, all the essential accessories are included, namely intermediate parts such as manual unlocking keys, photocells for presence detection or even the flashing light when placed in rooms with low light.

As you can see, you have a wide choice of motors with Faac when it comes to swing door automation. The brand is also involved in sliding gates. It is a leader in this sector and the technological innovations in its equipment provide practicality, comfort and safety.

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