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Difficult to make a choice for your new Faac Motorization? We wrote this Faac Motorization special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Faac Motorization!

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Faac motorization buying guide

The automation of the gate has become a tremendous asset in terms of both comfort and security.With this in mind, it is necessary to equip the gate but also the garage door with an efficient motor.This comparison invites you to take a particular interest in the FAAC engine, a brand whose advantages we will reveal to you.At the same time, you will learn more about gate operators in general.Finally, you will have the necessary information that will allow you to choose the best motorization for your gate.As a guide, this post gives you reliable test information without forcing anything on you.You will then be free but also more informed and will find the motorization that suits your gate or your garage door, whatever its type.

An overview of the FAAC brand

FAAC is a well-known brand but also recognized in the gate and garage door automation sector. Many properties benefit from her creativity and the innovation she has brought for more than 50 years. With current technological advances, FAAC has also found its place by offering its customers an efficient gate and garage door motorization system. The products are recognized as reliable and high-end.

We can notably mention more than 40 patents filed by the brand as well as thousands of products distributed. As for the automatic gate, we find the FAAC motorization which is recognized by its design, practicality, efficiency and performance. Whether it is a swing gate, a sliding gate or a garage door, FAAC offers you the best products for this purpose.

The swing gate motorization

FAAC includes practically all types of swing gates in its motorization. You can have a gate with one or two leaves with opening inwards or outwards. The material can be wood or metal.

When choosing FAAC motorization, you simply have to consider the weight of the gate. It is safer to have a more powerful motor than necessary with an electrical input of around 230 volts.

The FAAC motorization is then available in four types from which you can choose: the jack automation, the articulated arm automation, the endless screw automation which is ideal for an already existing gate and of course the underground drive.

The sliding gate motorization

For sliding gates, FAAC offers different product lines for you to choose from. There is for example the 24V cyclo-kit motorization which has an intelligent design with a very easy and fast installation. For this, it is only necessary that your sliding gate does not exceed 400 kg. Therefore, you will benefit from an efficient opening in both full and partial mode. Not to mention the very advantageous design it offers, bringing your portal more elegance and discretion.

Alternatively, FAAC can advise you of other sliding gate motor kits that may be of benefit to you. Either way, sliding mode is already automatic in itself.

Garage door motorization

The garage door can also be a real problem when you have to get out of the car every time to open or close it. Whereas with the right motorization, your gate can be operated from inside your car. FAAC offers various accessories suitable for all types of door: roller, tilting, sectional or others. Safety and comfort of use are then guaranteed by the FAAC engine.

You should know that the FAAC engine meets the required European standards and can provide you with all the safety you need. Mention may in particular be made of anti-crushing devices. The brand also cares about your comfort both for your eyes and for your use by offering a design engine, easy to install and use.

Otherwise, there are continuous innovations that place the FAAC engine at the height of current technological developments. Not only do you ensure comfortable and safe use, but at the same time, you are sure to choose an innovative motor system. Just think of calling on an installer specialized in the field if your installation proves to be more complex to be sure that the FAAC motorization will be beneficial to you. However, it can be useful both for openings in business premises and in individual dwellings.

Now you know the details of the FAAC engine. You will no longer need to hesitate about purchasing a motorization system for your gate or for your garage door. A little test will allow you to be assured of this at 100%. In any case, always choose a recognized brand like FAAC.

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