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Difficult to make a choice for your new Wall Fan Heater? We wrote this special buying guide Wall-mounted fan heater to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Wall Mounted Fan Heater!

Our selection of wall-mounted fan heaters

Wall-mounted fan heater buying guide

If you are looking for a radiator that combines homogeneous heat and optimal comfort of use, a wall fan heater will make an excellent investment. As part of electric heaters, the equipment is simply plugged into the mains.

Compared to the competition, the wall fan heater seems easy to assemble. As the name suggests, it can be installed on walls. However, some homes mount this fan heater on partitions near the window to reduce the coolness. In the majority of cases, this type of electric heater is placed in the bathroom. It works as a reversible fan that diffuses hot air.

Using an electric convector, the fan heater also heats the air quickly through its contact to the electric resistance. Then the electric heater blows this gas mixture out of the room using a fan. With all these processes, you can benefit from the ambient air. That’s not all, the bathroom fan heater also belongs to the space heater. It can be complemented with the central heating device for more comfort.

What is a wall mounted fan heater?

To know what a wall-mounted fan heater is, we must first of all discuss the description of a simple fan heater. Technically, there are no huge differences, because this type of radiator is an auxiliary heater. It is only used to heat a part of a room such as the sleeping area of ??a bedroom for example.

Its definition as an auxiliary heater causes it a big drawback. It cannot heat large rooms because its performance does not match that of central heating. Besides, a fan heater cannot be used to heat an entire house. It only covers an area not exceeding 25 m².

Usually, a wall-mounted fan heater is found in living rooms, but it turns out to be more useful in bathrooms. The reason is that in winter, the need for comfort must be constantly felt when entering and leaving a shower room and only a fan heater can produce a high temperature in a matter of minutes.

The electric towel radiator is often used for the same purpose, but the heat it diffuses is sometimes insufficient for a rapid rise in temperature in the bathroom. In addition, its name is already evocative of its main function. The wall-mounted fan heater is therefore a more efficient way to almost instantly get a few more degrees.

You should know that this is an auxiliary heater that perfectly supports use in humid conditions. Manufacturers design them in accordance with IP21 standard (resistance to moisture and splashing water). There is therefore no risk of electric shock.

In addition, the confusion of people generally arises between an electric convector and a wall fan heater. Both are placed on a wall. However, the wall-mounted fan heater is placed high up and consumes very little electricity.

What are the functions of a wall fan heater?

The shape of the wall fan heater is identical to that of a reversible air conditioner. This is one of the reasons people put it in their bedrooms. Indeed, it can be placed above the front door, in the hallway and of course in the bathrooms.

However, for use in the bathroom, it is recommended to read the characteristics of the wall fan heater in the accompanying instructions. The NF C 15-100 standard must be mentioned somewhere and the device must be Class II. The IP21 code must also be written in the manual or on the back of the radiator.

In a bedroom or any other living room, a wall-mounted fan heater does not only serve as additional heating. In summer, it can act as a fan, circulating only fresh air. The electrical resistance that is causing the heat is turned off so that only the blower operates. This is a mode that exists on most wall mounted fan heaters.

Advantages of the wall fan heater

As soon as you start this bathroom fan heater, it produces heat just as quickly without the need for preheating. This electric heater is particularly prized for its ability to propagate gentle heat. Imagine he is capable of heat the bathroom in a few minutes up to 20 ° C. For this purpose, the fan heater is one of the best very operational heaters. It also stands out for its ability to provide gentle and comfortable heat in the bathroom.

Then, although the bathroom fan heater comes in many varieties, it often has a timer and a mechanical thermostat. With these devices, it is easy for you to adjust the fan heater to your guises. Certainly, this will increase its practicality. Some models have the integrated frost protection function. Thanks to this, the wall-mounted fan heater plays the role of a changeable cold-air fan in hot weather. Other more efficient radiators are equipped with a ceramic resistance. For this purpose, this ceramic heater provides homogeneous heating.

As to the last point, the wall fan heater seems very light unlike other heaters. It can thus be mobile according to your needs. With that weight, you have no trouble transporting it from room to room.

How to choose the best wall fan heater?

In front of the plurality of models on the market, the purchase of a fan heater is not at all an easy task. At the risk of acquiring a poor quality device, we recommend that you take the time to examine the following selection criteria:

The power

Power is one of the essential elements to consider in order to equip yourself with a better wall fan heater. It determines the comfort of use. If you get lost in front of all these numbers in Watt, know that you must choose the fan heater according to the dimensions of the room and indeed your needs. To do this, you just need to lean on the volume of your bathroom. According to studies, 30 to 100 Watts can heat a square meter. If the room is larger than 25 m², it is preferable to equip yourself with two radiators for constant and homogeneous heat.

Types of wall fan heater

Multiple models are available on the market. It's best to know their differences to find the item that's right for you.

The fan-assisted bathroom radiator

Many fan heaters can be installed in any room of the house. With this type of fan heater, it is only dedicated to the bathroom. The model has an integrated wind tunnel. For thermal comfort, all you need to do is start the device and after just a few minutes, this type of fan heater provides gentle and even heat that can reach up to 24 ° C. Thanks to such, all bathroom accessories are both dry and warm.

The blowing towel radiator

This towel radiator is one of the first models of fan heaters. It is especially appreciated for its ease of use. As its name suggests, it heats up all your towels, but also your bathroom. The towel radiator is available in different heights. The goal is to help everyone find the wall fan heater that meets their needs.

The mini wall-mounted fan heater

This type of fan heater differs in its small shape. It provides optimal practicality thanks to its ease of use. To carry it out, all you have to do is plug this type of fan heater into a power outlet and you're good to go.

The ceramic fan heater

This ceramic heater has the same technical characteristics as any type of fan heater. From its improved version, it is equipped with ceramic resistance. The ceramic fan heater also presents more interesting options compared to the classic fan heater. More and more users say that ceramic fan heater seems more comfortable. They can benefit from gentle heat that spreads quickly in the bathroom.

The security system

The best-selling electric heaters have a very innovative safety system. Rowenta fan heaters and those from Bionaire and Supra, for example, offer overheating protection thanks to the various integrated systems. However, whatever the brand or the price, the bathroom fan heater has an anti-overheating and anti-water mechanism.

The practicality of the wall-mounted fan heater

The wall-mounted fan heater with a good price-performance ratio sometimes weighs little.Many people refer to the weight of the device before making their choice.With a less heavy-duty fan heater, installation can be a snap.In addition, it is possible to change the place of the radiator several times as needed.The movement does not require any particular effort.The presence of the thermostat also attracts the attention of countless buyers.This tool helps you reduce power consumption by controlling the temperature.Other fan heaters have a room thermostat that lets you adjust the bathroom temperature to suit the season or time of day.

What other criteria to base the choice of a wall fan heater?

The power and type of the radiator are the criteria of choice which make it possible to find the best fan heater on the market. But, while ease is just as important as these two benchmarks, there are other options and points to consider in order to enjoy a high-performance and modern device.

The programmer

The habits of some are not that of others. You may rather go to work than your wife or husband. And in the winter, getting into the bathroom can be a strain with the temperature dropping overnight. However, with a wall-mounted fan heater equipped with a programmer, you can set a delayed start and stop. This allows you to set the time at which the appliance must start to heat your bathroom and the time at which it must stop. This is also useful for a bedroom, especially if you want the room to be well heated before going to sleep.


If the wall-mounted fan heater closely resembles a reversible air conditioner, its design is not very exceptional. However, to distinguish themselves from the competition, manufacturers rely on varied colors and aesthetic touches that allow to diversify the offers.

The material

Plastic is the primary material found on most wall mounted fan heaters. It is very light and sturdy, and withstands moisture. But, there are more aesthetic models with aluminum elements that add a touch of elegance and at the same time play in strengthening the structure of the device.

The dust filter

By definition, a wall-mounted fan heater blows hot air and therefore sucks in cold air. Volatile particles and dust could damage the internal electrical resistance. The presence of a dust filter is therefore more than necessary, without forgetting that it prevents the scattering of fine materials and allergens in the room.

LCD screen

A wall fan heater is placed in height. And to see everything that is displayed on the monitor, you need to have good eyesight. However, some models are equipped witha large LCD screen which is more clear and precise. This is an asset so as not to make mistakes in the settings or the choice of features.

A timer

In the absence of a programmer, it is still possible to use your wall fan heater for a specified period of time. To do this, you must choose a model with a timer.

Remote control

The location of a wall-mounted fan heater often requires that the unit come with a remote control. It would be impractical to use the control panel on the radiator while it is installed high up. A remote control can solve the problem.

Your budget

Wall-mounted fan heaters are not priced similar enough that you have a wide choice. Like all devices, they are categorized. You have entry-level models that cost between 50 and 90 euros. The exterior is quite convincing, but the internal components can leave something to be desired. If you want to use a durable device, count around 100 to 150 euros. It’s a long term investment.

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