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Difficult to make a choice for your new Split Mobile Air Conditioner? We wrote this Special buying guide for Split Mobile Air Conditioner to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Mobile Split Air Conditioner!

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Mobile split air conditioner buying guide

It is not always easy to bring a soft and ambient temperature in the rooms of the house especially in summer. For this purpose there are devices for air conditioning. By testing, you will be able to choose the right air conditioner and achieve the desired freshness. Here we recommend the Split mobile air conditioner, a device with many advantages. Here is a guide to help you find the better air conditioner for your home. Thanks to this comparison, you will quickly understand the points to remember to make a strategic choice when making your purchase.

A little reminder about the Split mobile air conditioner

As its name suggests, the purpose of the air conditioner is to regulate the climate, that is, the temperature in one or more rooms in the house. This involves absorbing all the hot air that has accumulated and expelling it to the outside. There are some types of air conditioners including the monobloc air conditioner and the Split mobile air conditioner. The monobloc air conditioner is as its name suggests, a unique air conditioning unit that sits strategically in the house. It is not possible to move it. So you have to choose a good place to get the desired effects.

As for the Split mobile air conditioner, it consists of several units, including one outside to release heat, and one or more units inside to absorb warm air and expel cold air to cool the room.

Despite the existence of two separate units, this system turns out to be much more aesthetic, as it does not clutter up the rooms and can be moved as desired. However, there must be an opening space for the exhaust of hot air. It could be a window, a door, or a hole in the wall. In the latter case, the device becomes wall-mounted and fixed without the possibility of moving.

The advantages of the split mobile air conditioner

As we have just seen, this is a mobile device usually mounted on casters with carrying handles. It is possible to move it from one room to another according to the cooling needs. Either way, always consider the location of the outdoor unit when moving from room to room. This makes this device especially recommended for long-term use.

The second advantage of the Split mobile air conditioner that should not be overlooked concerns the power. In fact, this device is much more powerful than other types of air conditioners that can go up to over 10,000 BTUs. This allows the ventilation of large rooms ranging up to more than 45 m² depending on the model chosen. In addition, it becomes faster with the split air conditioner to obtain the desired temperature.

To this is added a reversible side which makes the device more efficient in terms of creating hot air. This means that depending on the season and period, the device can be an air conditioner or a heating system on a limited area. The control functions will make it easy for you to find your way around using this device.

Another known advantage of the Split air conditioner is the reduction or even the absence of noise pollution. Indeed, the noisy side of the device is found especially in the hot air exhaust which is done with the outdoor unit. Also, the indoor unit will not disturb you in any way when it comes to noise.

Finally, as we are talking about an electrical device, energy consumption should not be neglected in the choice. The mobile split air conditioner consumes a certain amount of energy for a limited time. When it has reached the ideal temperature you want, it automatically starts to save your energy consumption. The same can be done for its heating side which, once the ambient and warm temperature has been reached, will reduce energy consumption. Take the test and you will see for yourself how the Split model performs.

Tips for choosing the right Split mobile air conditioner

You should know that the Split mobile air conditioner is a recognized performance. Its choice must above all be made in a search for quality. Indeed, you have to plan a sufficient budget to find the right model. Of course, there are several that will allow you to make your choice. But the important thing is to know that the Split mobile air conditioner is more expensive than the one-piece model. This is explained by the various advantages it provides.

You will also see that your investment will have been worth it when you consult your energy bill. Indeed, it is better to invest a lot at one time rather than endure high consumption throughout the year.

In any case, you will find in this comparison the air conditioning unit according to your needs, the area of ??the room to be air conditioned and of course your budget. The Split mobile air conditioner is a powerful, economical, space-saving and silent device. Enough to offer you the ideal temperature with all the necessary comfort to feel comfortable in your home.

The criteria for choosing a mobile split air conditioner

If you want to find the best split mobile air conditioner that will precisely meet your needs, you will need to focus on certain criteria. You should therefore be particularly attentive to the following elements.

The power of the device

When choosing your air conditioning system, power is one of the criteria you should not neglect. Indeed, this is the point that goes condition efficiency of your air conditioner.Thus, be aware that the heating and cooling power for a reversible air conditioner model is expressed in BTU (Britich Thermal Unit).As the value grows, the device will be powerful and may suit a larger and larger area.It is on this point that power plays a major role, since it must correspond to the surface area of ??the room to be air-conditioned.In practice, if you opt for a model that is too powerful, for example, the ambient temperature will be much too cool.Otherwise, the desired air conditioning will never be reached, which will lead to overconsumption of energy from your device.

As a general rule, the powers of the air conditioning systems required depending on the surfaces to be air conditioned are as follows:

  • A room of 25 m² maximum requires an air conditioning of 9000 BTU or 2500 W
  • An area of ??25 m² to 35 m² will need a 12,000 BTU or 3500 W air conditioner
  • An area of ??up to 35 m² will only be air conditioned with an 18,000 BTU or 5,200 W air conditioning system

It should also be noted that the power of the device to be chosen will not depend solely on the surface to be conditioned. Indeed, various parameters such as sunlight, thermal insulation, ceiling height and the number of openings also come into play.

The COP (coefficient of performance)

The COP is the performance report between the electrical energy consumed and the cooling capacity of the appliance. The higher the value of this characteristic, the more efficient the air conditioner will be. Note that this value should be mentioned on the energy label of the device.

Energy consumption

In order not to have a inflated electricity bill at the end of the month, this criterion should not be neglected. Please note that the devices available on the market are categorized according to an energy class. The latter will define whether an air conditioner will be greedy or not in energy. In this sense, we advise you to focus on class A models (A, A , A ,?), which consume less than the other categories. In addition, be aware that the best split mobile air conditioners that you will find on the market will be categorized in class A. Thus, the further down the category you go, the greater the consumption will be.

The reversibility feature

If you opt for a model with the function reversible, you can benefit from an air conditioner also providing you with heat in addition to freshness. You will therefore have the opportunity to cool off in summer, but also to have additional heating in winter. Versatile, this type of device will come in handy all year round. Its operation combines the capacity of an air-to-air heat pump (PAC) with that of a thermodynamic heater.

Sound level

If you want the best possible convenience, you should choose an air conditioner that is as quiet as possible. Knowing that mobile split air conditioners provide less noise than other types of air conditioning, you still need to focus on this criterion. You should therefore know that the current standard for this type of device seems to oscillate between 55 and 70 dB. In this context, we advise you to prefer a model that has the lowest possible value. To help you situate yourself a bit, know that a conversation between two people is usually 60 dB. Finally, you can also invest in a split mobile air conditioner with "night mode" functionality. This feature can be particularly useful if you plan to use the device in your bedroom at night.


To be sure to choose a reliable mobile air conditioner, it is essential to favor the big brands. So buy products from manufacturers such as Daikin or Olimpia Splendid for example. You can therefore rest assured that your air conditioning equipment will not break down after a few weeks of use. In addition, when you make your purchase, aim for offers that will give you interesting guarantees and after-sales service.

Additional features offered

Note that depending on the models, different other features are available. Here are the most striking:

  • Dehumidification
  • This is a function that consists of dehumidifying the ambient air in your home in addition to cooling it. It is often only available on mid and high-end models. In some cases, you may even be able to use only the dehumidifier.

  • The ionizer
  • This is a feature of purifying the air using ions. In detail, the device will generate negative ions which will capture the positive ions present in abundance in dust or cigarette smoke, for example. In contact with these two different elements, those which are positively charged will be forced to lay down on the ground, because they are heavier.

  • The thermostat
  • An air conditioner that will have this function will allow you to set a parameter which consists of automatically turning it off when the desired temperature is reached. This feature will prevent the device from running continuously, which could result in high power consumption. You can also opt for a model that will restart automatically once the ambient temperature drops.

  • The timer
  • As the name suggests, you have the option of using your mobile device only for a certain period of time. Once the time has elapsed, you will not have to intervene, your air conditioner will automatically turn off.

  • The presence of additional filters
  • Several models of mobile split air conditioners are equipped with electrostatic filters and activated carbon filters. This allows them to purify the air supplied and also to eliminate any bad odors.

  • The remote control
  • The practicality of this accessory is well established, as it can effectively optimize the comfort of use of the device. You will be able to control your heating equipment without having to get up.

Maintenance of your mobile split air conditioner

Maintaining your device is essential in order to guarantee its longevity and proper functioning. You should therefore know that this kind of material is often invaded by dust and any other impurity. So, before any manipulation, it is first important to make sure you have unplugged your device.

As for cleaning the exterior part, you will not need any product. Especially avoid household stain removers or solvents. Use only a damp cloth or sponge. For filters, you will need to clean them at least every two weeks. To do this, you will need to remove them from the device, then remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner and finally wash them with water.

Regarding the descaling, you will have to do it once a year using the descaling product usually provided by the manufacturer. In the event of a breakdown and in relation to the control of the refrigerant, the best solution will be to call on a professional who will have the skills required for these operations.

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