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Difficult to make a choice for your new Daikin Air Conditioner? We wrote this Daikin Air Conditioner Special Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Daikin Air Conditioner!

Our selection of daikin air conditioners

Daikin air conditioner buying guide

Comfort, reliability and energy saving are the main characteristics of Daikin products. The brand has a rich and varied catalog with different price ranges accessible to all budgets. Not easy to choose without the help of an expert guide who teaches you the peculiarities of these products in detail.

Some details about the Daikin brand

Daikin is a Japanese brand that was established in 1924 in Osaka. Its founder is Akira Yamada. From its beginnings, especially from the 1930s, the brand chose to specialize in products related to cooling systems and launched its first refrigerant. It should be noted that at that time, air conditioning was primarily intended for the professional field and over the years, will become more democratic and spread to the general public.

It was in 1958 that the brand launched the first reversible air conditioning which was a real revolution at the time. For several years, the brand's presence had only been felt in its country of origin, Japan. It then gradually spread to other Asian countries. It was not until the early 1970s that Daikin began to invest and take sides in the European market.

Today, the brand has a strong presence in many European countries and around the world where it has a large number of subsidiaries, particularly in France. Daikin is a brand that offers wide ranges of products from air conditioning, control systems, air purification to industrial refrigeration.

Why choose a Daikin air conditioner?

The Daikin brand has been offering cooling solutions adapted to different types of needs for 90 years. The Daikin air conditioning are designed and designed to precisely meet the needs of individuals both in terms of practicality and price. You can also find versions more suited to the needs of companies (offices, large buildings, hotels, leisure facilities, infrastructure and data centers, etc.).

Easy to install and simple to use, the best Daikin air conditioners have, over the years, acquired new technologies. In comparison with other models on the market, a Daikin air conditioner is an ultra comfortable, energy efficient and reliable choice. The Daikin brand holds ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates as well as the Eurovent performance label (the performance of air conditioning products in accordance with national and international standards) and the Green Heart environmental label.

The other asset of Daikin air conditioning units is its remarkable design.

  • The Daikin wall-mounted air conditioner : Small and not very bulky, it blends into the decoration of your interior without any difficulty.
  • The built-in ceiling air conditioner or Daikin ducted ceiling light is very discreet since only the air vents are visible.
  • Daikin cabinet consoles : Compact and lightweight design, ideal for backup air conditioning, transportable from room to room.

What are the different types of brand air conditioning?

If you have decided to purchase a Daikin brand air conditioner, you should know that there are two choices available to you. In fact, either you opt for a monobloc air conditioning, or you choose a split air conditioning. These each have their own characteristics and advantages. You can choose according to your needs and especially according to the air conditioning system that will suit your home.

Daikin monobloc air conditioners

As the name suggests, a packaged air conditioner is an air conditioning system that consists of only one component.It can be fixed or mobile and can be installed anywhere or in the room you want to cool.Fixed models are most often placed on a wall or, in some cases, on the floor are relatively simple to install and do not require a lot of work.In most cases, all you need to do is hook it up to a source of electricity for it to work.However, you will need to provide a passage to the outside which will be used for the exhaust pipe for the hot air recovered inside.For portable air conditioners, you will only need to install it near an opening such as a window or door.Stationary air conditioners often require you to drill a hole in the wall.

Daikin split air conditioners

Unlike packaged air conditioners, split air conditioners have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.These are most often connected by means of a duct.There is also the multisplit air conditioning system which is also composed of one unit outside, but has at least two units inside.If you opt for this type of system, you will be able to air-condition each room in your house, and in some cases, make different settings for each unit.This is one of the main advantages of this type of air conditioning.It also has a significant advantage, which is none other than the very low noise level.This is because this system is much quieter, as it is the unit located on the outside that generates the most noise.

The technical characteristics of Daikin air conditioners

Daikin class A air conditioners are in great demand, especially because of the integration of the inverter technology, specially developed for the brand, and allowing to obtain excellent results in terms of performance while avoiding energy loss. With this technology, the air conditioner motor can run continuously at a constant speed, saving up to 30 % of energy.

Some products are equipped with the famous device Intelligent Eye trizonewhich scans its surroundings and allows the system to automatically switch to energy-efficient mode as soon as the room is empty.

Daikin air conditioning systems are the best programmable multifunction units of their category. They can be used for heating and / or cooling (in reversible mode), for humidification and dehumidification, ventilation or air purification.

The flexibility of the system allows Daikin models to adapt to any interior configuration imaginable. The monosplit system allows you to cool a room with just one unit. In multisplit mode, the outdoor unit or air extractor is connected to 9 indoor units placed in 9 different rooms with individual control.

The latest cutting edge technology found in the most recent Daikin models is digital. It is now possible to have at home a connected Daikin air conditioner that can be controlled or programmed remotely from your smartphone via the WiFi network.

How to choose your Daikin air conditioner?

After testing several Daikin products, we fell in love with several references. It is indeed necessary to dwell on various selection criteria such as features, options or price.

For your bedroom, we recommend the Ururu Sarara which is an ideal multi-function wall unit for air conditioning with a self-cleaning filter, award-winning design and super low noise level providing a quiet environment.

The Stylish also stands out. This connected wall unit can also be equipped with a smart remote control and can adapt to your lifestyle while recording peak performance. If you do a comparison of Daikin devices, you will find that this is the ideal compromise to include an additional component for the comfort of your connected home. By carrying out a more extensive test, we see that this prototype offers unparalleled ease of use since it will be possible to trigger it remotely so that your interior is pleasant upon your arrival.

The test of Nexura reversible cabinet console demonstrated that it is a split air conditioning system with an aluminum front radiation panel which makes it highly efficient for an almost homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the room. For this reason, it is a 2 in 1 version very popular in Europe.

In ultra-quiet products, we can cite Daikin Emura which is a recessed and reversible wall unit with integrated air purification system. With its multi-award winning design and ability to run at 80 % on renewable energy makes it a great investment. If you are a fan of the ecological concept, this is the model for you.

The criteria for choosing a Daikin air conditioner

To be sure to make the right choice, certain criteria must be taken into account. This will allow you to make a good investment and have an air conditioning unit that will perfectly meet your needs.

The cooling capacity

This is a particularly important criterion since it defines whether the model you have purchased matches the room or the total area that you want to air-condition. The cooling capacity is therefore expressed in BTU or British Thermal Unit. To know what is the value that corresponds to your home, you should know that:

  • A room of 15 m² requires an output of approximately 7000 BTU. This corresponds to an energy output of 1950 watts.
  • A 25m² room will need 9,000 BTUs or 2,500 watts of power.
  • A room of 35 square meters or less should be air conditioned with a 12,000 BTU or 3,500 watt air conditioner.

Energy consumption

It is important to know that in general, an air conditioning system, whatever its type, is relatively energy intensive. You should therefore not neglect the energy consumption of the device you want to acquire. Note that this type of installation is classified according to different categories in relation to electricity consumption, like any other device. It is therefore best to prefer a class A air conditioner (being the most efficient) to save energy.

The coefficient of performance

The coefficient of performance is the ratio between the performance of the device in terms of air conditioning and its energy consumption. To put it simply, know that when the COP is high, it means that the device you plan to choose is performing in every sense of the word.

Sound level

The noise level of an air conditioner should be a key criterion in choosing the Daikin air conditioner that perfectly suits your needs. For this you need to refer to the energy label, carefully looking at the decibel level it provides. The standard is between 50 and 60 dB for current air conditioners. The lowest level being the least noisy. To get you into the mix, know that a conversation between two people has a sound level of around 60 dB. It goes without saying that an air conditioner of 70 dB, for example, has a fairly high noise level.

Installation of a Daikin air conditioner

Monoblock or split, the installation is relatively simple, although the split models are more tedious to set up.

Install a packaged air conditioner

The first step in installing a one-piece model is choosing the location. If you have opted for a mobile model, you can move it as you see fit. Be sure to install it in a location away from any possible heat source. Also consider the noise generated by the device by placing it in a place where the sound could be attenuated.

For installation, be sure to handle the exhaust duct with care. Fixed or mobile, you will need to provide an opening to exhaust it to the outside. Note that extending the drain hose is not recommended.

Install a split air conditioner

The first thing you will need to do is install the outdoor unit. Choose a location away from dusty, hot, or heavy traffic areas. You will need to allow 12cm of space around the device for it to work properly. During this process, be sure to check that there are no TV or radio aerials nearby. Then connect the electric wires.

Then proceed to the installation of the outdoor unit. Choose a well-cleared location and avoid exposing the device to direct sunlight or any other source of heat. Make sure that there are no objects in the way of the device within 15 cm for it to work properly. Do not forget to provide an opening to pass the drain hose. Connect the electric wires afterwards, not forgetting to connect the pipes that connect the device to the outdoor unit.

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