Luxury perfume for women: choose it according to your personality

When it comes to choosing a luxury fragrance, we often hesitate between several scents, but also several styles. From romantic to femme fatale, including natural and elegant, certain smells instinctively attract us because they correspond to us. So to make a little point and choose it according to his personality, here are some tips. 

Femme fatale

Perfume is the ultimate feminine secret! Intoxicating, heady, it leaves an indelible olfactory imprint after your visit. It is therefore important to choose it carefully, especially if you have the soul of a seducer. And here, we will preferably turn to the olfactory family of oriental perfumes. With patchouli, vanilla and spices, it's a clever mix of sensuality. As for choosing your luxury perfume, we are heading towards Estee Lauder Cinnabar for a blend of orange blossom, sandalwood and jasmine.

The romantic

Here, we prefer to go for luxury floral fragrances that exude summer and lightness. With notes that are both fruity, spicy and springtime, we stroll right in the middle of a field of lily of the valley, rose or even violet. Feminine, airy and with a hint of character, it is a perfume that is very suitable for all women of great sensitivity.

The woman of character

Powerful, persistent and above all rich in scents, nothing beats the olfactory family of chypre perfumes to display the color! With oak moss, bergamot or even patchouli, there are some floral notes with jasmine, or fruity with exotic fruits. It gives off an impression of unquestionable natural authority that will nourish your charisma.

The discreet

Discreet but effective! Here, we turn to the hesperidized family for its luxury fragrance. Inside, we dive into complex blends with orange blossom, neroli and a few rosemary or tarragon-like aromatics. For a great breath of fresh air and a beautiful freshness, these are agreements that are both dynamic but who remain quite shy to impose yourself naturally.

The elegant

Chic, elegant and classy! This is the program offered to you by the scents of the fragrances of the woody family. A bit masculine, we find sandalwood, cedar and some citrus zest. Beside that, a hint of spices will enhance the ensemble for an irresistible little lace up. Pleasant but not invasive, charming but not bewitching, these are essences that impose themselves on their own.