Lighting with LED neon tubes

led neon tube

LED lighting (meaning Light-Emitting Diode) is gradually replacing our energy-saving light bulbs.This technology is actually an electronic component that emits light when it is passed through by electricity.The heat emitted is much less, because there is no incandescent filament unlike a conventional bulb.It is the movement of electrons that causes light to be emitted according to the principle of electroluminescence and unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not have a filament.This is the reason why the heat emitted is much less.There are all shapes and kinds of LEDs including neon tubes which have many advantages.

LED neon models

The LED neon is widely used in professional premises, because it provides a lot of light thanks to an interior ramp on which are placed many light-emitting diodes.

There are two models of LED neon lights on the market: the T8 LED tube and the T5 LED tube. Unlike classic neon, the electrical connection is made on one side and there are several sizes of tubes: from 60 cm to 120 cm which are more used for domestic use and 150 cm tubes which are more found in the offices.

The T8 LED is used for large spaces because it provides directional light. It is ideal for areas such as car parks, supermarkets or even hospitals.

The T5 LED is just as powerful while consuming less power. However, it is different in its installation, as it is not compatible with standard electrical devices. A support is therefore provided to facilitate its installation.

The advantages of LED neon

The first advantage of LED neon is its instantaneous lighting. Unlike other energy-saving lights, there is no need to wait for the bulb or tube to heat up. It is for this very practical side that it is also widely used in places where immediate lighting is required.

The other positive point is its low power consumption, which is explained by the technology used. Its different elements do not need to be energized. The savings achieved are colossal since they can go up to 80 % compared to conventional fluorescent neon lighting. It is also dust resistant and will appeal to those who care about the environment because it is easily recycled while fluorescent neon contains mercury.

From the point of view of visual comfort, the LED neon does not flicker. The light emitted therefore does not hurt the eyes, because it is stable. It is even possible to vary the intensity by installing a dimmer, which is not possible with conventional neon.

Finally, it is economical by its very long lifespan, which reduces maintenance costs when they need to be replaced. It is also easy to install and is also suitable for home use to illuminate a mirror, bookcase or a room. dressing room. It is easily hidden behind a decorative element.