Japanese cuisine: sushi, maki and what else?

Sushi maki Ollioules

While in front of you is a plate full of sushi, your fingers point dangerously towards a fork and knife. Put down these tools right away, this is not the way to taste your sushi 

The art of making sushi

To make excellent sushi and maki, you should use quality ingredients. To do this, go to the grocery section of the world of certain supermarkets and choose preferably well-known brands with regard to rice and seaweed for example. Prefer very fresh fish, ripe avocados and in general, fresh products whose flavor will be excellent for makis. If you can, do not hesitate to visit a grocery store selling Asian products, you will get expert advice as well!

If you were worried about not being able to do them yourself or if you prefer to save time, know that in the Toulon region, you can order sushi and maki in Ollioules, Six Fours and Sanary. You don't have to make them yourself, you can eat sushi for example, whether in a restaurant or at home!

How to taste sushi correctly?

If you are uncomfortable with chopsticks, feel free to use your fingers, but avoid Western cutlery. Sashimi must however be seared with chopsticks. Be careful not to break up your sushi or maki, if they can both be eaten in several bites, they must remain complete, the flavors mingling during tasting! Do not play with pricking your food with chopsticks, it would be frowned upon.

Forget the wasabi placed directly on the sushi, it must be diluted in the soy sauce, which will preferably be salty! If you prefer a sweet sauce, don't worry, you can easily find it in supermarkets and restaurants. Finally, don't forget to dip your sushi in the sauce on the side where the fish is, this will prevent the rice from falling into the container!

Ginger, a food not to be overlooked!

You may be wondering what is ginger for served with sushi and other makis? It is simply present to be tasted between two types of sushi so that the taste of the previous one does not spoil that of the next! Indeed, the vinegar ginger has a relatively strong taste which will serve in a way to rinse your mouth.