Industrial robotics: a clear increase in robot installations

According to the latest study conducted by the International Federation of Robotics, nearly 42,000 industrial robots were installed in France in 2019, an increase of more than 9 %. To date, France is among the top three users of industrial robots in the European Union.

Industries are investing more and more in robotics

According to the latest figures, industrial robot installations in France have significantly increased during the year 2019. A record witness to the good dynamics of the robotics sector in recent years, which the current health and economic crisis could well impact.

In 2018, France had already experienced an increase of 4.8 % for sales and installations of industrial robots on its territory. This year, the increase is over 9 %. It is true that according to the new report on industrial robotics published by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), approximately 42,000 robots were deployed on the territory in 2019. Europe reached a stock of 580,000 units in 2019 and France is one of the top three users of industrial robots within the European Union.

Promising sectors for the future of industrial robotics

The strong growth in sales in 2019 is largely due to the development of polyarticulated robots, which robot arm is the most complex and the most versatile, which represents nearly 84 % on the market, as well as collaborative robots.

The performance of collaborative robots

It is true that the establishment of human and robot collaboration is on the rise. Cobot installations increased to 11 %. This dynamic performance contrasts with the general trend of traditional industrial robots in 2019. As more vendors offer collaborative robots and the range expands, the market share has increased significantly.

The automotive market and robotics

Foremost is the automotive market, which is boosting robot sales and installations in 2019. All the more so since for 2019, the automotive market would have invested nearly one third more than in 2018.

Beyond this sector, robot installations in the manufacturing industry increased to 6 %. Also, logistics and packaging robots have experienced growth of 20 % on average over the past 4 years, driven by cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.