How to save time by submitting a quote for work?

Have you decided to start expanding your home?

This is perfect and to carry out your project in the best possible conditions, you will need to take a number of steps, one of the most important of which is finding qualified contractors.
To do this, you have different methods of investigation:
- Finding out from those around you, questioning neighbors or work colleagues who have used this type of service, which has the advantage of being able to ask questions and even, why not, of seeing the results on the spot.
- Read the recommendations and comments of Internet users, do research on the internet to find out a little more about the different companies that you will have to call upon.
- Also remember to check how long these companies have been in existence to ensure their reputation.
Before hiring a contractor, you need to apply for work submission written and preferably to several companies in order to be able to compare the services they offer and thus choose the best offer.
It is important to stress that it is not necessarily the cheapest offer that will be the best and do not hesitate to ask for detailed explanations to fully understand the content of each proposal.

Questions to ask entrepreneurs

How many projects similar to mine have you completed last year?
Ask them for a list of projects carried out in order to verify their experience in this area.

- Do I have to apply for a permit for my project?
In most cases, you can obtain permits on your own, especially if the work you are doing is straightforward. However, competent professional contractors are responsible for obtaining all necessary construction permits before commencing work.

- Can you provide me with a list of references?
A serious contractor should be able to provide you with the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least 3 clients on projects similar to yours. You have the option of contacting them and inquiring about how long the work has been carried out and whether it was completed on time. It will also let you know if the customer is satisfied with the result, if there were any unforeseen additional costs, if the workers on the site worked within the allotted schedules and if they ensured the cleaning of the premises after their work. day ended. You can also request to visit completed projects.

- What types of insurance do they use?
Entrepreneurs must have:
* Liability insurance for their employees
* Workers' compensation insurance
* Property damage coverage insurance
You should request a copy of these insurance contracts and verify that they are valid, otherwise you may find yourself having to take responsibility for any damages or accidents that may occur during the course of the project.