How to react when you have lost your dog?

Summer holidays are often synonymous with walks in the park with your dog. But, the season is also the period during which the number of lost dog cases is experiencing the greatest increase. If you've just lost your canine companion and you're not sure how to deal with this situation, don't panic just yet. Here are some tips that can help you respond better.

Search around you

A dog is an animal that adores the company of its family and its owner.But, sometimes he'll be adventurous and hang out for a day in your neighborhood.In this sense, if you find that your pet has been away for too long and in an unusual way, you can start by looking around.You can take your bike or go on foot and take a tour of the neighborhood.Do not hesitate to ask your neighbors or passers-by with a photo of your dog.Regulars in the street in front of your house can also be of great help. lost dog ads near you. Maybe people in a nearby neighborhood posted your dog missing on an app or site.

Gather your dog's papers

Since this is a pet that has always lived in your house and that you have taken care of, you must have its papers available. The most common practice to easily identify your dog is to tattoo it.

According to the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), this identity engraved on the skin could save a dog's life. Animal controllers cannot euthanize him in this way. If you have to go pick him up, make sure you have his health record and passport on hand so that all questions about the dog are answered.

Go to the pound

A pound is usually affiliated with a city. In this case, to find your lost dog, you can make a phone call to your town hall. There is normally a person responsible for stray animals. She may be able to help you with your search, including giving you the address of the pound in your city.

You can also go to the municipal police for information and then go to the pound in your town to report the disappearance of your dog.

Stick posters with photos around your house

This is a solution that has always been effective in finding a lost dog or even a cat. Placing posters with the photo of your pet and your contact details, you are more likely to be notified by someone of their whereabouts. At the same time, people will be alerted to your dog running away, which can help them be on the lookout for any dog ??wandering around the neighborhood without an owner.