How to maximize the space in your suitcase?

maximize suitcase space

If you've been planning a trip, you're probably thinking about how to pack your suitcase so you can pack as much as possible. Because it is true that every suitcase is full of "just in case" and the main goal is that we lack nothing during our days of disconnection and fun. Between finding accommodation and finding the cheapest flight, we tend to forget our suitcase and this often causes last minute unforeseen events. Here are some handy tips and tricks to make your luggage quick and easy.

1- Check the weather at your travel destination. Depending on the expected temperature, choose clothes and items that match the weather forecast you find.

2- Make a list of what is necessary and essential to bring. It seems obvious, we already have the list in our head, so why transfer it to paper or use an app like notes on a smartphone? Because a list makes it possible to take an inventory of everything we want to put in our suitcase and, when filling it, make a choice from all the possibilities on this list.

3- Choose the outfits you will wear during the trip before packing. Depending on the type of trip (pleasure or business), choose neutral, simple clothes that are easy to combine with other pieces, so you will get several outfits. Depending on the type of trip, opt for light shoes that combine with the outfits you have planned to wear. Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space. They should be stored separately in a suitcase and you can take advantage of the empty space inside the shoe to put on your socks.

4- Check that you have all the necessary documents for your trip and your stay if you are staying at the hotel such as your passport or identity card, your plane ticket if this is the case and your hotel reservation in the Laurentians if you have decided to go to Quebec.

4- Use the technique of rolling up clothes! It makes it easier to identify the parts, saves space and, compared to the placement of the clothes spread out, they no longer wrinkle. You take the item of clothing folded normally and carefully roll it up. However, if the pieces are not uniform, we suggest you place the heaviest pieces at the bottom and the lightest pieces at the top, to prevent the heaviest ones from creasing the lighter ones. You should always have an extra bag to store used clothing.

5- Optimize empty spaces! Since the clothes are already placed in the suitcase, there are always empty spaces between them and you can take advantage of this space to place hygiene products. Put them in a bag to prevent them from spilling and damaging your clothes. Also place your underwear in a bag to find them more easily. It is also very important to leave a blank space if you want to buy something as a souvenir of your trip.

6- Focus on what you need! Be objective and rational in your choices so as not to carry too much weight and that the suitcase does not exceed the authorized weight. If you must keep your computer in your suitcase, make sure it is secure in the event of an impact. If you are traveling to another country, make sure the chargers are compatible. Be careful with liquids, if you want to take liquid with you, make sure it is well packaged, so that you do not have unpleasant surprises later.

7- Check your checklist several times. Always assess that everything you need for your trip is in the suitcase. What frustration if you discover when you arrive at your destination that the item of clothing you love has been left behind at home.

Have a nice trip !