How to advertise using a simple USB stick?

custom usb sticks

To make a place for yourself in your prospects' wallets, you first need to make a place for yourself in their minds. For this, carrying out an advertising campaign is going to be the best solution, but it still has to be done well! Indeed, you must think about standing out from your competitors, for that, you will have to work on your visual identity as well as the advertising media that you will use. Flyers and other posters are still relevant today, but we must admit that new media have arrived on the market not long ago, including personalized USB sticks.

An object that we always have at hand

You should know that when you distribute your business cards, most of the time, visitors to trade shows, for example, place them in a corner of their bag, their wallet or even in a pocket of their pants and leave them there for a long time, often forgetting them. To remedy this, it is imperative that you have an interesting object to offer to your prospects, on which you will have previously printed some of your contact details and your logo.
The fact of transforming an ordinary object into a real advertising medium is very important, because prospects will regularly have this object in their hands. Thus, by dint of seeing your logo, they will integrate the existence of your business, and as soon as they need a service offered by your company, they will contact you.

An originality that allows you to stand out

At trade shows it is difficult to approach some visitors, the crowds can be dense and some may not want to stop to chat at all the stands. By choosing to use for example  advertising USB keys from this wholesaler as promotional items, you'll be original, and that's exactly what will appeal to prospects. The conversation will start in a very natural way and all you have to do is sell your business and your talents.
In the different industrial sectors, it is necessary to respect certain codes, in particular with regard to your visual identity, so that at first glance, potential customers can understand what your services consist of, or at least the sector in which you operate. If there is one thing that you can be original about, it is your advertising campaign, which will be the second window to your business.

Wholesalers who can manufacture your personalized USB keys

Of course, you should contact a professional so that they can manufacture personalized USB keys for you that will become your company's ambassadors. For this, the best is to go to the website of the wholesaler of your choice, such as Made-to-USB, for example, in order to discover the different models that are offered.
The most ingenious idea consists of a USB key made in 3D and representing your logo. In this way, you further increase the originality of your advertising object and bet on a striking visual impact with prospects!