How to properly maintain your motorcycle equipment?

clean motorcycle leather

In order for a rider's equipment to last over time and through the seasons, they need a minimum of maintenance. Among the techniques for effectively cleaning your motorcycle helmet, jacket and gloves, here are some tips to know and remember.

How to properly maintain the leather of your motorcycle equipment?

Blousons moto pour femmes, gants pour moto-cross, pantalons moto en cuir, genouillères : la plupart des équipements pour motards sont en cuir et demandent un entretien rigoureux. En premier lieu, il est important de toujours aérer les vêtements en cuir après les avoir portés. En effet, la sueur retenue dans les doublures des pantalons moto et des blousons en cuir doit être évacuée avant que les équipements soient rangés. Une fois bien sèche, on les dispose sur un cintre pour qu’ils ne se froissent pas et on les range dans un endroit bien aéré et sec. Si les équipements en cuir ont pris la pluie alors, il faudra prendre le temps de les sécher à l’air libre.

Leather clothing should be maintained two to three times a year with a nourishing and waterproofing product to prevent the leather from cracking or drying out. However, hand or machine washing of leather jackets and pants should be avoided, as is direct ironing or brushing, as this could damage the surface of the leather.

How to properly clean the motorcycle helmet?

To clean the motorcycle accessories, namely the shark motorcycle helmet, you must start by disassembling the various elements that make it up in order to thoroughly clean all the corners. Once the helmet visor and foam are removed, the first step is to clean the exterior of the helmet by running it under a running stream of lukewarm water and rubbing the dirtier parts with your hands. With a toothbrush and dishwashing liquid, tackle the nooks and crannies before rinsing everything and dry the corners of the motocross helmet with a cloth in microfiber. To effectively clean matt-painted helmets, use a degreaser and a microfiber cloth.

To effectively clean the inside of the protective helmet, you start by washing the shell before cleaning the inside with a brush and making sure to focus in the corners. Then just dry everything with a microfiber cloth and let it air dry.

How to clean the various parts and accessories?

Finally, when it comes to cleaning textile items like coveralls and other cross jerseys, rain suit, bandana, leather suit and other fabric knee pads, just machine wash them, making sure to put on the machine under short cycle. For cleaning luggage, boots and shoes, as well as various parts and motorcycle accessories like the rear lights and other spare parts, a brush stroke followed by a microfiber cloth will suffice to give the elements a facelift.