How to maintain the motorization of an electric gate?

The use of a motorized gate makes it possible to discover several undeniable advantages on a daily basis: comfort of use, access control, increased and personalized security ... However, for the motorization system to always operate without problem, it is also necessary consider the importance of regular maintenance. Regardless of the type of gate (sliding gate, leaf, wicket, sectional garage door, etc.), and the type of motorization (integrated motorization, assembly in kit, solar kit, etc.), this maintenance process is the key to benefiting from 'an infallible automatism in the long term.

A suitable motor for each type of gate

The gate operator is no longer a new concept, and it is well known in home automation. It adapts to all models of gates: swing, sliding, two-leaf, etc., although other security equipment is also inclined to accommodate it: shutters, wicket, garage doors, etc. So that an automatic gate can operate without any problem and ensure proper opening and closing, regular maintenance of the automation system should be necessary. This not only concerns the gate motor, but also the various accessories responsible for the gate automation.

Maintenance of a swing gate motor

The swing gates are the models of electric gate the most established in France.They are also chosen because of their compatibility with different models of gate operators.The swing gate motorization is mainly focused on the actuator motorization.These articulated arms with hydraulic pistons are generally easy to install, as it is sufficient to fix them on each pillar and leaf of the gate.But over time, this cylinder system may experience a drop in performance when opening or closing.The problem could be a lack of lubrication in the various gate mechanisms, or a fluid leak in the piston.In the first case, it suffices to lubricate the elements necessary to make the movements fluid again.As for the second possibility, it is more practical to consider a new piston to restart the automation.Regular cleaning can also be useful to avoid clogging due to the accumulation of dust near the lubricated elements.

Maintenance of a sliding gate motor

The motorization for sliding gate on the other hand is a completely different version of the concept which comes with a track on the ground, or with a self-supporting device (rack).The motor can be installed on the right or left of the gate, it all depends on the direction in which it opens.Unlike the type of gate motor found on swing gates, this model seems a bit more complicated to maintain, given that it is equipped with a box that houses the entire mechanism of the automation system.Lack of oil, fouling and corrosion due to weather conditions can cause damage to this device.Therefore, experts also often recommend regular cleaning and lubrication.

Other items that may require maintenance

When it comes to a gate powered by an electric motor, it also sometimes happens that connection faults or short circuits can adversely affect the motorization.For this, it is necessary to check the passage of the cables to go back to the fault of the electrical distribution.The gate remote control may also generate a signal fault and cannot perform its task properly.This could be due to poor frequency synchronization, or bad batteries.Finally, it is also possible that a malfunction of the electric gate could be caused by improper sizing.The most likely is that the motor power is not matched to the size of the gate, which causes a lot of slowness when opening and closing.