How to get to Courchevel?

If there is one ski resort of international renown, it is Courchevel. Popular with lovers of skiing and beautiful landscapes, it is often visited by a relatively wealthy clientele. In fact, accommodation, restaurants or even the various activities have a significant cost, but that is part of the charm of this ski resort like no other. During your stay, you will be able to completely relax, in an exceptional setting, while enjoying high quality service. However, if you plan to take your car to go to Courchevel, you may well experience some setbacks.

Courchevel in winter, a difficult resort to access

Located in the mountains, the ski resort of Courchevel can quickly find itself buried in snow. This will not prevent you from enjoying the activities, quite the contrary, but you will certainly have a hard time reaching your destination. Chains or even snow tires must be put on so that you are allowed access to the roads that lead to the resort. If you are not comfortable on snow-covered roads, traveling to Courchevel can quickly become stressful and perilous, which would be unfortunate given the fact that you are on vacation.

Many holidaymakers arrive in Courchevel from Lyon, this city being served by the rail, air and motorway network. Several options are then available to you for get to Courchevel from Lyon, apart from your own car of course.

Take a taxi in Lyon to Courchevel

If you arrive in Lyon by train or by plane, you can perfectly take a taxi to the Courchevel ski resort. You can book it in advance, so you will benefit from a high quality service since your driver will be waiting for you when you leave the airport. By choosing to delegate the driving to a third party, you ensure a serene journey. Taxi drivers are used to driving on the sometimes snow-covered roads that lead to Courchevel, so you can be sure of arriving at your destination.

It is also possible to take a taxi from Moutiers train station, which is about thirty kilometers from Courchevel, it all depends on the route you plan to make.

The airway, the most efficient solution

If you live far from Lyon and Courchevel, do not hesitate to reach the City of Lights by plane, since it has an airport. From there a Lyon taxi can perfectly take you to Courchevel, which will turn out to be a significant time saver.

There is also a landing strip at Courchevel, reserved for helicopters. This mode of transport is regularly used by many people residing in Courchevel during their holidays. This allows them not to waste a single second on the road before they can put on their skis. Nevertheless, the weather conditions being sometimes bad, the taxi remains the most reliable way to come to Courchevel.