How to get rid of bulky items in Paris?

At home, you must certainly have a washing machine, a fridge, a television and various other bulky items.When these items break down, surely you want to change them, which makes sense.So what do you do with your old broken down devices?Do you throw them in the trash?If you are doing this you should stop right away.Why ?Quite simply because you don't have the right.Indeed, throwing bulky items in the dumpster which is not far from your home is strictly prohibited.There are rules to be observed when depositing bulky items and if you do not follow them to the letter, you could face particularly steep fines!Therefore, when you have bulky bets to throw away, it is better to call on a specialized company.

Get rid of your bulky items the right way

Even if you are tempted to throw your Bulky Paris in the trash it is better not to.Indeed, if you do not respect the rules concerning the deposit of bulky objects, you can end up with a fine of 68 € (180 € if you pay it after 45 days).If you decide not to pay this fine, the judge will decide and may award you a fine of up to € 450!Worse yet, if you use a vehicle to get rid of these bulky items, the fine could be up to € 1,500 and your car could even be confiscated.So if you want to avoid spending your money unnecessarily, simply call on a bulky Paris company who can come and collect your bulky items.

What kinds of items can a bulky company recover?

You might not know it, but bulky goods companies can't just pick up just any item. Concretely, these companies can come and get furniture, gardening tools, televisions, decorative objects or even household appliances. On the other hand, construction waste, tires, batteries and large boxes cannot be recovered. So if you need to get rid of some bulky items, contact a bulky Paris company first and mention exactly what items you want to throw away.

As you will understand, if you do not want to be fined for throwing a washing machine in the dumpster in front of your home, contact a specialized company explaining the type of object it will have to come. search.Next, provide your address and a date for the collection, then take your device downstairs or in front of your door.This way, no one can blame you for throwing your bulky items anywhere.Unauthorized dumping is strictly prohibited by law, so it would be a shame to get fined for throwing your broken washing machine in the trash!So if you need to get rid of certain items, contact a bulky Paris business, it's so much easier!