How to find a real estate promotion in Rennes?

There are currently interesting real estate programs in France. There is one that stands out from the others: the Pinel law. This device allows you to get your hands on a new building intended, the first years, for rental, but that you can manage freely thereafter.

You are required by law to rent for a minimum period of six years. Several cities are eligible under the Pinel law, but Rennes stands out and takes center stage. Today we shed some light on the Pinel law in Rennes!

Rennes: capital of real estate!

Rennes is a city that is experiencing considerable growth. The development of public transport, the proximity to Paris, the vitality of its neighborhoods, the average age (40 years) and the strength of its yields make it the capital of real estate with the Pinel law in Rennes. Sacred city where life is good in 2018, it captures the attention of investors as well as real estate consulting firms.

Double finance your property!

The advantage of the Pinel device is that it allows you to double finance your property with tax exemption and rental income. Substantial tax reductions ranging from 12 % to 21 % are offered to you in exchange for your commitment to comply with the terms of the law! It is possible to reach a maximum of € 63,000 over 12 years in addition to the cash inflows generated by the rental.

The Pinel real estate program: a golden opportunity

The advantages are many. Aside from the financial returns, the device allows an owner to rent his property to a member of his family, which the Duflot device did not allow. However, this member must be detached from the tax household. The investor must rent the bare property, without furniture.
It is also an incentive to build up a retirement fund and wealth. Investing in new real estate is a great investment. It is a safe and secure way to make your money grow. The Pinel law in Rennes is a golden opportunity!

A real estate firm for personalized support

Some people are afraid to invest within the framework of a law; they are afraid of administrative hassles.Some firms specializing in wealth and taxation have the role of supporting investors in this process.The firm validates your eligibility, supports you, plans and mitigates concerns related to your project.It is important to define the right investment strategies and the real estate program that matches your needs.The role of the firm is to support you until the end of the process, namely the rental of the accommodation.You should know that the Pinel system is very supervised and determines resource ceilings for tenants. Rennes city has several firms dedicated to this activity.

You have until 2021 to take advantage of this system, which allows you to acquire two buildings per year. It's up to you to enjoy it!