How to effectively get rid of rodents in the house?

Rodents are one of the most destructive pests when they colonize the home. Rats and mice eat away at foundations, pipes, electrical cords, boxes, floors and walls. Apart from this damage, these small mammals are also vectors of disease. It is for all these reasons that it is essential to remove them as quickly as possible. How to do ? To find out everything, follow the guide.

The "gentle" methods to keep rodents away

Rats and mice can be effectively repelled without having to resort to harmful products as :

Essential oils

Moths, like rodents, are sensitive to the odors of certain specific plants. For more practicality, opt for essential oils to be used with a simple diffuser to be placed in a strategic place in the house. Peppermint, bay leaf, lavender, and clary sage oils are the most effective. You can combine the use of these with a effective anti-mouse ultrasonic repellent. The high frequency sounds emitted by this type of device cannot be heard by humans. Thus, its use does not risk disturbing you in your daily tasks.

Dried snake droppings

The snake is the No. 1 enemy of rats and mice. When the latter smell the droppings of their predator, they will flee as far as possible for fear of encountering a snake nearby. Wondering where to get dried snake droppings? Just go in a zoo or a specialized pet store.

Aluminum foil

Rodents don't like the smell, noise and slippery surface of aluminum foils. Also, use them for cover objects that you want to protect. You can also form balls with aluminum foil to fill the rat holes.

Raising a cat

To deter rodents from taking up residence in your home, simply adopt one of their predators: a cat. The smell of the feline is enough to scare them away. On the other hand, make sure that your cat does not bring its dead prey inside the house.

What radical solution to get rid of rodents?

Do you want to get rid of rodents that invade your home quickly and once and for all? Use rotenticide. This is a better alternative to the traditional "rat poison" which caused fatal bleeding if the product came into contact with injured skin. Rotenticides are therefore less dangerous than rat poison, but just as effective. It is advisable to place these products every 10 meters on areas where rats pass. Then cover them with a tile or a few leaves so the rats won't be suspicious of anything. Remember to change the baits regularly.

It is always recommended to wear protective gloves when handling these rotenticides. Finally, store them out of the reach of children and pets.