How to create a multifunctional basement?

basement house

The opportunity to build or renovate a detached house is the perfect time to optimize the use of all the space. The basement is often a neglected part when it can easily be an additional room, often at low cost. Here are some tips and advice for creating a usable basement every day.

Points to make a basement habitable

Space most often used as a garage, technical room for a boiler room or a swimming pool, or even as a storage room, the basement was rarely designed to be inhabited. Most of the time, therefore, it remained in the raw state without sound or thermal insulation. This last point is also a serious mistake because whatever the use of a basement, its lack of insulation will affect the temperature of the rest of the house. So this is the first step to consider.

Then you have to think about lighting, whether natural or artificial. If you are lucky enough to have a semi-underground basement, then it will be easy to create openings at the top of the wall. In addition to the light, tilting windows will also provide ventilation points essential for comfort. Room ventilation also prevents condensation and humidity when combined with a mechanical exhaust system.

Then comes the time to redesign the interior space. It will often be necessary to knock down partitions or create new partitions to delimit a room, for example.

The fitting out of a basement is therefore a complete renovation operation and if one starts with the new construction of a house, it should be treated as a living space in the same way as the rest of the floors. Fortunately, some manufacturers have anticipated this as is the case with the house for sale in Blainville.

The different uses of a basement

If you're out of ideas on how to make the most of your existing basement space, don't hesitate to consult an interior designer, whether an architect or a contractor. If you buy off plan, you will also be able to have them modified according to your wishes.

As for the possible uses, you can combine a basement used as a garage with a gym, a music studio, a spa with sauna and / or hammam, a guest room or studio with a kitchenette and bathroom. bath.

The possibilities are endless and some even use their basement as an office, meeting room, children's playroom, or as a living room. home cinema.

The basement is really a separate room from the rest of the house where you feel protected and a little isolated. For many, it is a place of refuge, a secret garden inside their own home, a place where they can fully express their personal tastes and sometimes leave a certain disorder there without compromising the general conviviality.

Creating a multifunctional basement in your house is to offer a space of freedom and breathe new life into a home.