How to choose the right renovation contractor?


Renovating a house or an apartment is very exciting, but often stressful because you have to bring in the right specialists. Who can you trust to be sure that the price will be the most fair and especially the quality of the irreproachable work? Here are your options.

The choice of the general contractor

Each craftsman is in principle competent in his specialty and for a particular type of work: a plumber will therefore have no knowledge of electricity or masonry, just as a painter will not be able to create a fence. However, there are companies that group together several sectors of activity.

If your building site renovation is important and requires the intervention of different trades, you will then be forced to manage several people and especially to coordinate their work schedules. This last task can also be particularly complex.

In this case, it is therefore in your interest to find a general multidisciplinary contractor that can take charge of all the workstations to be renovated. The advantage is a considerable saving of time in the preparation of quotes and a simplification in the management and organization of the site. The company will indeed manage its stakeholders, and on your side you will have only one point of contact.

The size of the renovation site is therefore one of the criteria that will determine the way in which you approach the choice of the company or companies. It can also be a major project due to the diversity of jobs to be renovated, but small in scope due to the size of the premises: it is indeed not the same approach to completely renovate a studio or to redo the painting. of a building of 500 m2.

Each situation is therefore specific and the choice of a general contractor can often be very wise and more economical.

The choice of a specialized craftsman

If your renovation involves a specific part of the house, there will be no doubt that you will then have to choose a specialist for this type of intervention.

One of the possibilities is to use your network by using recommendations and word of mouth, because trusting people who have had the same experience as you is usually a prudent and intelligent attitude.

However, if you are not fortunate enough to know friends or work colleagues who have recently renovated their accommodation, it is now possible to consult generalist websites that offer the connection between the master of work (the one who renovates) and the company.

These platforms will have tested the affiliated professionals for you and will have selected them for the quality of their work and their prices in line with those of the market. It should be noted, however, that these websites only act as a linkage vehicle and are not responsible in the event of unfinished work or in the event of a dispute with the company.